Utah Tech Defensive Line Transfer Justin Kirkland Commits to Oklahoma State

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Kirkland recorded 40 tackles as a freshman at Utah Tech.

I guess we forgot we lost lacy. But. Yes got good pick ups. He has great size and a 21 year old sophomore.

We also past wv on recruiting numbers. Still have 4or 5 guys that needs numbers. Another 89 guy. They have us with 3 4star. Add another 3 at the highest 3 star. Its coming around.

We had bensen vome out and said the rest of the cowboys are cowboys.

Get a qb and a lineman is are next targets

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A 295 6’4” sophomore DT that lettered in TENNIS in high school ! How lucky can we get ??

This dudes gonna be a great cowboy !


I’m still alarmed by the exodus in the portal,but look at the guns on this kid. I mean wow, those are some arms.


If you’re still scared when he gets on campus he’ll give you a hug .

Just leave room for Jesus


Gundy will ruin him.

TCU’s pulling in Bama 5-stars, we’re getting Utah Tech and UMess players. We’re going to be Big 12 Champs in no time, LOL.


Yep he does have some arms don’t he. Plus he was on the tennis team so one would think that he is quick on his feet. If he can stay healthy to actually play he should be an upgrade over Ford.


Saying Alabama rejects is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Those guys are competing with other 4 and 5 star guys. They want to play. If they don’t get time there they will get it else where. Those guys are likely better than 90% of OSUs roster.

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That Alabama RB looks to be a Trace Ford type, highly touted but can’t stay on the field. Stuff from ON3 " He’s battled injuries throughout his career with the Crimson Tide, appearing in nine games this season, finishing with 80 yards rushing and a touchdown on 14 carries.

In 2021, the running back had his best season yet, totaling 314 yards and two touchdowns. Now, he’ll be looking to set new highs with the Horned Frogs."


I’m not sure how many injuries he’s had but one of them was cause he got TBoned in a car wreck.

The other Alabama dude is OL again highly touted out of HS. Here is his contribution to the tide. “In his first season with the Crimson Tide, Brockermeyer used his redshirt. During the 2022 campaign, he saw time in two games.”

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He’s also competing against a roster full of 4 and 5 stars. You really think a guy like that couldn’t get playing time on our crap line?

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But, some how his lower rated brother is still at Alabama.
@DickeySucksAtHisJob these 3 bama have each dropped .075 at least. With new tranfer rating we pulled almost the same from tulsa and texas state

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Interesting he has a twin brother also at Alabama

Yea I can see several RS fresh on the Alabama depth chart but no Brockermeyers

He might be able to play for us but he didn’t come to OSU so it’s moot

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Can’t come if you don’t offer though.

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@DickeySucksBalls How do you know, it there a way to tell?

Never saw anything from Cody Nagel and he seems to be on top of all the offers we send. Especially on big time guys