Utah Tech Defensive Line Transfer Justin Kirkland Commits to Oklahoma State

Yea well then you don’t know in any case he could be a dud and OSU knows it.


This guy is matured, strong, can’t wait for him to be under Glass. Played almost every sport out there, he has to have mobility.
The Alabama 5 stars, don’t you think if you were that highly rated you would have the balls to compete ?? Overrated, and no work ethic


Ah yes I’m sure Saban has built his dynasty on recruiting overrated players with no work ethic.


Yea Saban has built his dynasty by getting a large chunk of the countries 5 star players and weeding through them to get the ones who are legit


No he recruits 4-5 star players. You evidently don’t pay attention to the ones that leave do you
If you are truly a 5 star you prove yourself moron, you don’t run away

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Lmao I was just thinking the same thing. Quick question here. Have we signed anyone from the transfer portal that’s coming from a P5 school besides the kid from Washington State?

Dickey is actually making a valid point. How is it that OSU has gotten transfers from Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Cal, Washington State, Utah State, and Clemson in the past where they either start at OSU or get significant playing time, and you think some Bama transfers wouldn’t compete for playing time at OSU or start? What would you rather have? A transfer from Vanderbilt or Alabama? From Texas State or Texas Tech? Those young guys at Bama are having to compete for playing time against practically future NFL players. There’s a difference between that and competing against guys that look like they aren’t good enough to be effective at the P5 level. Since you keep deciding not to use your brain Dickey and myself will put on the thinking cap for you I guess.

I use my brain, you use nothing but your hatred for Gundy , big difference. Any 5 star player that won’t compete for a NC caliber team is. a quitter
he has no try in him or overrated. You decide squelcher

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@bruce4 all 5 of tcu transfer guys are low then when they came out from hs. All seven of ours are higher. Only time will tell
@bill18 4 guys good we recruit and developed. All starters. You get hung up on names. How many lineman went pro last year at tulsa. Alabama was happy to talk a vady lineman. Pathetic billy

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They’re a quitter because they want to play football and not sit behind an NFL player the next 2-3 years when they don’t have to? Was Jason Brooks a quitter at Vanderbilt because he didn’t start? He had no problem making the rotation at OSU. That dude must be a total quitter.There could possibly be no other reason AT ALL on why they’ve decided to leave the program. I’m sure it’s all the same. It’s because everyone is a quitter!!! Stop being naive and use your brain please.

You never answered my question. How many of those players are legitimate starters at P5 programs? You avoided the question like you always do. Speaking of Tulsa how are they able to get a lineman drafted in the first round and we can’t since Okung?

Well your an idiot. Why should i answer you. First of 1 is 2 of them are at power 5 and staring.

I dnt know who hit you when you were a baby. Dr mom nurse dad grandparents. I guess all of them. They missed your ess.

You really need to post later after think about your post.

Frist you say dickey doesn’t develop or recruit. But after 2 or 3 years at osu a ton of tgem are all over the country.

Secound you say we have down depth well if tgey stop running of to start at other school we would.

You still want me to answer or have YOU figured it out. Pathetic billy

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[quote=“robert28, post:35, topic:17458”]
Well your an idiot. Why should i answer you

Then I would say it looks like Dickey isn’t very good at retaining. I don’t think it’s WHY you should answer me I think it’s more along the lines of what you WON’T answer for me. Because you know that if we just have one guy starting for a P5 school it means we have a talent gap across our offensive lines at OSU. You’re making yourself look pathetic here Roberto. You should really think before you post. I’m tired of doing it all for you.

Its not about retaining its about lineman are need everywhere. So why stay and try to do better buy beating other guys out. They can run of at play.

I told you to stop and think about your answer.

You have got to get of the line issue. You dnt know the players or the history. Your a mess. No your not winning tge debate no matter the voices in your hand say.

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I didn’t know Utah had a tech.

This team better be good because gundy is going to look like a complete joke of a coach if they aren’t. Can you imagine what important people around the program and donor’s are going to say lol. Gumby has big balls going after kids of this caliber. Always the smartest guy in the room he is or straight up sabotage lol. Just when I think he can’t out do himself he proves me wrong.

You moron joy he was a 3 star !! You we’re talking 5 star players that ( supposedly! ) are the cream !!
You argue anything you want, you just don’t know football. Yes a 5 star that goes somewhere else for playing time is a quitter. Switzer had 2nd and at times a 3 get drafted but they stayed

Glad you agree. Now go ask Gundy why he’s sticking with the plan of not hitting the portal hard.

I guess you forgot when I pointed out that players from Utah State, Indiana, and Kansas were able to either start or get significant playing time at OSU. Guess your stupidity knows no bounds.

You always say only 4-5 star players can make a team better. You made fun of Warren when we got him for the year. You and the stooges all said ,what a waste of a scholarship you mental midget
You sound like Brandon that Putin caused this high gas :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: