Video Game Thread

Similar to the few book threads, what have you been playing/what are you playing?

What are you looking forward to?

I’m catching up on all of the old Resident Evil games, including the Resident Evil 2 remake, in preparation for the Resident Evil 3 remake coming out in April.

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Okay, since it’s early, I’ll be short with this.

Recent plays: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order; The Outer Worlds; trying to finally beat Far Cry: Primal

Looking forward to: Cyberpunk 2077 because absolutely yes.

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Love me a good game of RB6: Siege. Fantastic more “realistic” shooter that takes me patience to do well.

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Oh crap, Cyberpunk, yeah. And Fallen Order.

You a PS’er or XBox’er?

Xbox all the way. I got the original one and have stayed loyal the entire time.

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Currently playing Red Dead Online cause Cowboy Up


I would love to do that but I just can’t stand other players. If they had private servers, I would be absolutely down for a PFB+ posse though.


I’ve been playing for several weeks now off and on (PC) and only had one bad run in. Its not like GTA where you have random jet planes come out of nowhere and kill you. You generally have quite a bit of time to know someone is come close to you. Plus you only get players on your map if they are in close proximity, otherwise everyone’s location is hidden to everyone else.

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Did anyone else have drunken Tecmo Bowl tournaments? Bo Jackson could flat haul.


I’m playing through the Last of Us Remastered right now. I played the original when it came out. I’m looking forward to the extra content that didn’t come with the original game once I finish the main story again. I’ve had my Last of Us 2 pre order for way too long.

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That’s an #old comment I’ll let stand.

Cyberpunk looks amazing. I can’t wait. How is Fallen Order? I’ve seen mixed reviews.

You know if Cyberpunk is going to have any sort of multiplayer aspects to it, and if so, will there be cross-platform play?

Not sure at all on Cyberpunk. Selfishly, I hope it’s single-player because we need more of those.

As for Fallen Order, it’s pretty good. Very Dark Souls-like in terms of combat (which is dang hard) and the story can be thin at times, but once you get a few Force powers, the last 1/3 of the game is HOT.

I’ve heard that, that Fallen Order is stupidly hard on some parts.

So, I guess it’s different from The Force Unleashed, then?

Oh, considerably. It’s definitely difficult.

The story being lackluster is the main thing that has kept me from buying. I think it is interesting that they went with a Dark Souls-esque combat difficulty. I may try to get it on sale at some point

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I’ve only watched people play those Dark Souls games (just Bloodborne, really). And yeah, I don’t think I have the patience for games like that.

Monster Hunter, also. It’s like weird turn-based combat.

I wouldn’t call the story of FO lackluster, so much as a bit thin. But you’re talking to someone who adores KOTOR as one of the best games of all time (they need a remaster like crazy) so every Star Wars game is going to be compared to that.

The thing is with FO, though, you can turn the difficulty to ‘story mode’ which makes it easier (not EASY) and lets you get through it.

Remember Shadows of the Empire on N64? Best Star Wars game ever. (Also one of the best Star Wars stories not to be made into a movie.)

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