W.R. Exodus

Another one bites the dust! CJ Moore the latest Cowboy WR to enter the Transfer Portal. I know for a fact another WR has flirted with entering it, and is still considering it. Has been all season. Should all this be a concern?

On the same note… I’ve heard Kasey Dunn is hard to play for. The greats love playing for him. But I’m sure they do everything right, and are doing whatever it takes to be great (you know stuff that coaches are attracted to, and drool over). I’ve heard it’s his way or the highway.


I mean Saban is hard to play for and nobody is calling him out.


Well he’s coached, what, two Biletnikoff winners and another finalist? Has put guys in the NFL. Has proven that his way works… so…


Definitely don’t think it’s a Dunn problem. Definitely don’t think his way is wrong. I totally think he has proven himself with the products that he puts on the field. More so looking at different reason why there are so many transfers.

Is it just the culture now a days with this generation. Can’t handle it. Soft?
Is it just the generation of the transfer portal?
Do these players have a hard time adjusting to the “Cowboy Culture”?

Post definitely wasn’t meant to bash Dunn. Big fan!

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I honestly think its a product of two things. One is that the Transfer Portal has made this process a lot easier for players to just up and move. And two is that I think these guys are the “dudes” on their football team and can not work hard and get away with it, then they come here (Or any program for that matter) and all of the sudden they are just a number on a uniform and they dont know what to do.


How have those biletnikoff winners done in the NFL so far?

You make a valid point… Blackmon’s career was non-existent (for obvious reasons). Who knows how he would have done. Washington’s career isn’t finished yet. But hasn’t been off to the most stellar start.

Yep it goes back to today’s bullets (develop) and the first thing Pittsburgh said about Washington, "he’s got some talent once he learns to run a route ".

Some of it probably has to do with the passing game numbers taking a nose dive this year. The majority of departures IMO are related lack of involvement in the passing attack or not getting on the field. Tough to watch already thin roster depth get thinner.

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Who cares?


The kids that look at college as a stepping stone to the NFL.

If ANYONE thinks them leaving us on Dunn. You’ve lost your mind. He’s beloved by EVERY player. Even defensive guys. Players stay because of him. Guys leaving is partially because they didn’t do what was asked of them to be successful. That’s not Dunn’s problem. That’s they’re the problem.


If it was one maybe two but five with 4 being one of the top two in their class.

5? Only 4 have entered the portal from the WR spot. LC was bouncing back and forth from WR to LB soo… the other was a JUCO guy that was often injured and didn’t pan out. CJ wasn’t following the plan they wanted him to apparently so. I don’t put that on Dunn. He hits WAY more than misses and is arguably the best WR coach in the nation. I don’t see how that can be put on him.


You keep telling yourself that when 3rd or 4th in the conference is the best they will do from now on.

Ok bud. Whatever you say


I’ll listen to you when you’ve recruited and coached a biletnikoff winner.

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I’ll believe Gundy is a good coach when he wins his second conference title. I guess neither of us have a thing to worry about.

OU has lost over 20 players in the last year to the portal. By your definition their program would be a trash heap.

Sure because comparing a team wins the conference nearly every year to the team that beats them 0.133% of the time is the exact same thing.