'We Might Play Multiple Quarterbacks': Gundy Says If Two Quarterbacks Deserve to Play, They'll Both Play in 2023

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It shouldn’t be a surprise Gundy didn’t name a starter Saturday.

I would say that too if I’m blowing out Central Arkansas.

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Right lol

Put the best players on the field like you said Coach. I’m not a fan of any of these QBs. I’m not overly optimistic as Cody Stoval from “locked on oklahoma st” on YouTube. Realistically we are looking to get bowl eligible learning to installing new systems this season. Yes Baylor has went from 2-12 to almost college playoff contention in less than a year. So these things being the case give Rangel QB1 this season to give Flores some time to learn, get the def/off system down, give players experience, and just have fun this season. It normally takes 2-3 years for any system to be fully implemented to be played to near perfection unless it’s just so basic and have above par talent. We have a whole bunch of new players this season so this season could go either way, anything less than bowl eligible would be extremely disappointing this season.

I think anything less than 8 wins with the schedule they have would be disappointing.


Stuff like this is why I can’t wait for Gundy to retire.

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So you have no QB then. Bowman isn’t any better than Rangel or your son and we saw what both could do last year. Deer lord.


If you have 2 quarterbacks, you have zero quarterbacks.


In other words, we’re in trouble cause neither one stands out.

Rangel ain’t that good.

Unfortunately that is the case 9.9 out of 10 times coaches do that. We all need to strap in as this season could be a rough ride.

Sour Patch kids sure are active here.
Is it any better in the + section?

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It just might be although not for me. Forum sports talk is mindless fun but not something worth more than just the personal time spent

Seems there has been much Gundy Bashing for not playing multiple QBs in the past. Short inakrut memories.
Corn Dog looked darn good after Rudolph left.
Illingworth played well a few times.
If there isn’t much separation between Bowman and Rangel, it obviously sucks, no wait it’s a good sign, no wait they both suck, no wait Rattay sucks, no wait I’m just a sour fan off my meds.

And here we are with the QB we bet the farm on bailing out. Kinda wished we had developed and kept Illingworth a while longer. Gundy is perhaps changing his tune on singular QB play.

Not exactly sure of your entire point which I think is something toward the fact that the resident harpies on this board have in the past voted IN favor of multiple QB’s in some form or fashion and are now blowing with the winds in the other direction. In any case a couple of things come to mind about our current situation. 1. So far Rangel hasn’t looked all that good, granted last year he was a Freshman and had no OL but if this year he is of similar capability and he and Bowman are close in ability then we likely have a 2 QB system disaster waiting to happen. 2. As for Illingworth it seems that he might have left because his skill set didn’t match up with our “running hair on fire” offense but now that we are moving back to an offense with real fullbacks, tight ends and some under center play Illingworth might have been a talent to have around.

Spot on regarding the escapees from the clinic.

  1. I’ve graded every game play of Rangel’s last year. He made several forced errors - dead duck passes while running laterally at full speed, less than perfect toss into 7 man coverage, and the killer was sliding on QB keepers - what a poossy. Meanwhile he also made very few unforced errors. The OL was horrific, had a 1st ever center and often couldn’t even touch the bull rushers. KU didn’t have to rush more than 4 and screamed through the backfield at will.

If both Bowman and Rangel both play, that’s fine. If one wins the job, then great. I suspect the competition fired both up making them better. Good the squad.
2. My point on Illingsworth is that it might have played out differently. Did any of us see Corn Dog looking like an NFL QB - both passing and running?
3. I’ll also drop the note that I don’t think Dunn is anywhere near “savant” level in play calling. Haven’t heard any predicting that he gets poached by Texas, Ohio State, Penn State or NFL as an OC. Also haven’t heard him getting poached for a head coaching position.

Season is getting closer so only getting ramped up on complaining about Gundy’s hair gel.

Well the year that he started it was clear he had some wheels and could throw the ball better than a lot of college QB’s. As for being pro material he seemed to be worth of at least getting some tryouts.

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I’m not enough of a student of the game to know how good Dunn is or isn’t. We’ve had some good and bad games with him as the play caller. Last year all the injuries worked to mask any of his flaws as even a good play caller would look bad in that instance. However your point regarding his propensity for being poached, the fact that it is non existent, may be the best barometer of the truth. Also recall some on the field and sideline instances among Offensive players seemingly exhibiting some displeasure with the plays toward the end of the year last year is another possible indication of less than stellar performance.

Don’t know if he was NFL quality, but they seem to love him in the CFL. He’s passing and running all over teams.

Remember Sanders getting frustrated wanting to get the plays called in for quicker snaps and having to wait. Sanders then negotiated more play calling duties himself so he could keep the pedal on the metal when needed.

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