Week One Grades: OSU Defense Scores High Marks in Missouri State Win

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OSU’s defense was great. Now, about the offense . . .

B for special teams? No mention of the muffed kick.


They muffed a kick too. So
Hutton got a bad call but he did great.
Presley had good and bad.
I hope hale just had a hiccup.
There was a blocked kick.

The d at A plus is high. Ton of missed tackles. Let their qb run all over the place. Late hit on the qb. Dropped 2 pics.

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That muffed kickoff was really bad, and missing a PAT is inexcusable. I’d give special teams a D at the very best. The muffed kickoff set us up for losing the game, which our defense bailed us out on. I really don’t care that the FCS team muffed a kick too. They’re an FCS team, we’re supposed to outclass them in every way, not play down to them.

I also wouldn’t give Illingworth a B. He barely had a completion rate of 55%, which is the worst in the conference, and had an interception. KU’s QB has a better rating… I’d give him a C at best, and that’s just because he was filling in as the starter so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.


How a bout this…GUNDY F- best depth he’s said since he’s been there and that wasn’t true. Offensive line he said was going to be better but still sucks and hasn’t been good since that one guy was here coaching them and special teams still have problems but he talked them up to be really good this year. The offense still stalls after 3 or 4 possessions. Defense has been playing good but gundy dosent call plays for them. O yea and he said we are going to score points so at least he didn’t lie about that because we did score some omg!


Special teams has cost us a win each season ever since Gundy eliminated the special teams coach position.
Since then, we’ve been extremely vanilla on kick returns (fair catches on punts/no kickoff returns). Unfortunately we’ve allowed multiple kick return TDs (Texas 2020, KState 2018) which obviously swing momentum to the other team.
It amazes me that Gundy doesn’t realize the value of kick returns, especially since historically he’s benefited from numerous scores in the return game (Parrish Cox, Dez Bryant, Tyreek Hill). I don’t remember a kick return for a score since Tyreek’s in Norman in 2014.


Running game was atrocious. How much of an impact was Hunter Woodward being out on that?

I think Illingworth deserves the B. The interception was late in the first half with OSU leading by 17 and seemingly in charge - was a terrible choice but forgivable since it didn’t result in any points. The completion % was because of the decision by Dunn to almost completely abandon the running game and throw it every down in the second half. Basically admitting the OL couldn’t run block well enough to get 3-4 yards per carry against an FCS team. At times, Illingworth didn’t seem on the same page with some of the receivers, but he had only a few days to get reps with the first string. There were times he made smart decisions - like getting sacked and protecting the ball rather than trying too hard to make something happen. Even with the 55% completion rate he still managed 315 yards, which ain’t terrible.

Personally, Dunn deserves the F. Poor decisions on play calls. You’re sitting on a good lead at half time. Why not just pound the ball and make Missouri State stop you? Sure, they were overloading the box but you eat up a lot of time and over time, with enough pounding, you wear them down. Especially if you go high tempo. All those incompletions keep stopping the clock - which is dumb. Grind them down, keep their offense off the field, that’s a winning formula. Maybe not as pretty as your WRs making circus catches.

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That was EMBARRASSING. Can’t even run it against FCS team??? Pathetic. This team will lose at least 4 games this season and yet has a ton of starters and guys w/ a lot of experience. I thought the O-line got fixed?! I know it’s only the first game but an FCS team has more yards rushing than us w/ our RBs? PATHETIC!!!

Gundy’s offense doesn’t try anything new, no new wrinkles ever, as if it’s a 15-yard penalty. I don’t buy into the thought not to show future opponents different wrinkles. SHOW.THEM.ALL. so they don’t know what they’re gonna see in their game against us. I don’t recall us ever pulling a guard on a run play last night. Very little motion, very little misdirection but the fact our O-linemen can’t get a good push against FCS athletes says a lot. We haven’t had a good O-line since Joe Wickline left…

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He wasn’t good at all w/ deep passes. I hope the dudes who said he should start over Spencer will admit they are WRONG!

It’s still to early to tell, but at this point I am still not sure if Kasey Dunn should be an OC. Or maybe the problem is the out dated playbook? I predicted 7-8 wins before the season started. It looks now like 7 wins is more likely than 8, unless the team plays much better with Sanders back in there. Tay Martin is definitely the next man up. With that injury I would not have let him back in the game. What was Gundy thinking? We have plenty of capable receivers. A guy gets an injury you take him out so he can heal the ankle instead of aggravate the condition. This wasn’t the conference championship game. I’m not sure they can beat K State.

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“We just weren’t very successful rushing the ball,”

I think that’s a very big understatement.

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Why r u mad about rushing. He didnt rush 50 times. Threw the ball to presley. Got 2 freshmen in to catch balls. He was aggressive at the end by not rushing.
This goes back to catch 22 issue u have. U say one thing then u always take it back.

For me 6 wins looks like a stretch right now.

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I’m not mad about rushing. I’m mad because we’ve had an inconsistent OL and on our 4th OL coach since Wickline left. If Gundy as the CEO of the football program refuses to address the issue he needs to get out of the way so we can find someone that will.

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Until u find a real person who can come in here and actually do better. This person would want to come.
And be some one osu will hire.
So guys already working at a power 5 school will be out. Guys who already make over 3 million is out.
Guys like Miles petrino and briles is out.

And stop saying every coach is better. It’s just pathetic.
Makes u sound desperate.
Ur not real good at this. Try a guy like the ex Texas coach. Young beats ou got to the championship game.
See how easy it is. Going off just naming people just reinforces everybody’s opinion of u.

There are some good G5 coaches out there. It’s not impossible. You don’t HAVE to be stuck with Gundy. That’s the problem. Everyone is too scared we’ll suck again even though Gundy did his best Bob Simmons tribute Saturday night.

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See there u go again comparing gundy to some loser.
I’m sure when ku fired fat man the thought exactly like u. Go get a nice new coach and keep winning or more. 5 or 6 coach later. There doing what.
Their next coach my have to be a juco coach. They my be the only guys who would touch the job.

I don’t know…I seen Gundy struggle to his move his offense against a 1AA team and I’d seen a G5 coach nearly pull off an upset against #2 on their home field.

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Ur always going on and on about gundy not do this or that. U just mentioned 2 coaches who lost both their games. Then act like they did something.