'We're Gonna Score Points': Gundy Confident in Offense Heading into Fall Camp

Well as long as Sanders stop using his own playbook. It was to full of pic plays.

Remember the drug squad was on a hiatus so ou lost to everyone. Ou on weed is like Popeye

The new Gundy won’t allow a 2nd place finish. So I don’t think we need to worry about that too much.

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OU could have half their roster kicked due to weed and still be able to beat Gundy.

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There is a big difference between Clemson sc and stillwater okla.

Is that ur motivational speech for the cub scout group.

It’s applicable whether you’re in Cub scouts or a college football coach or a Fortune 500 CEO. Another way of saying it is that fortune favors the bold. It’s been 14 years since Boise State rocked OU and gave us the gift that keeps on giving via YouTube. We wouldn’t have that gift if Chris Peterson didn’t have balls of steel in going with a hook-n-ladder from Zabransky to Rabb, then a TE pass w/ Peretta, and finally with the ultimate finishing move, a Statue of Liberty To Ian Johnson to make history.

To answer your question though, no I’m not a den leader for Cub scouts. My son has never really shown an interest. He has too much other stuff going.


What if we get a coach that out performs gundy? You got to try man you got to try! I mean that makes no sense at all to be complacent or not want to get any better. Sure we could get a coach and be worst but I’m good with that totally if we are trying to improve

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So u would be happy with never winning again. Or worse some jackals gets us on probation. I think there is a 10% chance of a better coach.
We r talking a guy would have to do better then 67% in all games including bowls.
Great coaches dnt grow on :deciduous_tree:. U can trade for one with child’s teeth. Its like in the raiders the guy says " u most choose wisely ".

You gotta be joking?! The playcallers since the guy’s been QB1 has had the handcuffs on him. Or have you not noticed how we hardly ever pass across the middle?!

I find it insane and silly that a team has a walking mismatch at TE er CW, and you throw him only 8 passes?! TE look-in gets you automatic 4, 5 yards almost every time you’re in short-yardage situation or in the red zone…

These doubters to that only have to look at the huge improvement shown at Iowa State. As if Ames is a better place than Stilly, LOL!

U got to be joking. Throwing over the middle has more defenders.
We are talking about Sanders rite.
U have seen Sanders throw.
I did a post u should have read about the middle field.
Basically if u believe Sanders could be more productive throw in the middle then u believe in fairies and unicorns.
I think I have read all the post. I’m sure no one said ames is better then stillwater. Really not much different. I get the feeling alot u guys went to school in Okmulgee or tusla.

Brandon Weeden averaged 13 interceptions per season

Tyler Cornelius averaged 13 interceptions per season

Spencer Sanders had 11 in 2019 and 8 in 2020

I think throwing over the middle would be fine.

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Idiot how many games did Sanders play. And dnt for get the fumbles. Best go off pass per pic. But his turnovers were of any body’s chart. Pathetic way of trying to make a point. I’m gland I’m so important to u to try and out smart me but u mite need more iq

What does fumbles have to do with passing over the middle? Passing to the tight end is usually a quick pass unlike waiting for Wallace to get 30 yards down the sideline. Most of his fumbles were from standing in the pocket waiting for something to develop. Most of his interceptions were from waiting on a play to develop and never taking his eyes off of the receiver. Quick passes over the middle doesn’t give the defense as long to react.

BTW you were out smarted before you started typing.

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If he fumbles he can’t throw over the middle he had 5 fumbles last year 2 were by hand offs.
He waited for his play to develop. And he found many ways with out pressure to do bone head plays. It still made ur comparisons useless, like urself.
By u waking up I know I’m smarter then one person a day.

You can say whatever you want but the fact is Weeden and Corndog had more interceptions than Sanders. Period

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Sure ur rite. I’m glad u are wanting to prove ur an idiot.

Must have something to do with those slow progression plays Gundy loves to run behind a beat up offensive line.