Western Michigan Transfer Sean Tyler Flips Commitment to Minnesota

Originally published at: Western Michigan Transfer Sean Tyler Flips Commitment to Minnesota | Pistols Firing

Sean Tyler flips to the Gophers.

He was a nice lioking back. Oh well. Really cant miss what you didnt have

When your transfers are transferring out before coming to campus :man_facepalming: :person_facepalming:


I would agree, but Minnesota has lost quite a few last couple. Ku has taken alot.
He is from up north, probably grew up on big 10 ball. Also, has 2 teammates going too.

Lets keep are head on for now lol

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He wasn’t going to get time in front of Ollie.

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It’s going to be very, very interesting to see how OSU football performs next season. I cannot see this team, just 7-6 this year, as having done ANYthing to improve for next year so far. We may be entering a dark period for football, folks. If anyone can see how OSU football may have a good year next year, I’m all ears.


I guess it depends on what you think went wrong this year.
Did we replace enough for better or worest.

Main deal will the 9 line start the year health. Will we have younger ones step up.

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Well shoot. Was excited about him. Would have been nice to have two darn good backs. Ollie is a stud so not overly worried but always good to have a couple good backs ready to go.

QB - upgrade
RBs - upgrade with Ollie featured
WRs - downgrade
OL - upgrade
TE - upgrade

DL - neutral
LB - upgrade
CB - neutral
S - upgrade


My opinion: Jaden Nixon just needs more opportunities.


No way we have a QB upgrade. I think Bowman has some potential to plug in for a year while the young guys develop but as it stands we have not upgraded at that position. As the season goes on that may change but right now I don’t see how we came out better than before.


If we get back to the Weeden pocket passing days (slants, post and speed), then this very well could be an upgrade at QB. If they try to run last years offense, it will definitely be a downgrade.

As with all offenses, it’ll come down to the big guys up front.

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True I like Jaden. He definitely might not have gotten the chance with a two time 1K yard rusher. But maybe we could have used him in different ways…what am I saying? lol its Kasey Dunn so scratch that lol

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  • We don’t develop our offensive line and they leave.

  • We don’t match our play calling to the type of players we have.

  • We’ve lost 18-19 players to the portal, personal reasons, or graduation (50% of those production players) and we’ve replaced only half of those with mostly JUCO, G5, and D3 players.

  • We’re replacing Sanders with a dude that has a history of being injury prone and couldn’t even be the 2nd team QB at a BB school. The guy has shown he has potential but hasn’t really taken many snaps in almost three years.

  • We just lost a DC that has a history of developing somewhat stable defenses.

  • The HC doesn’t talk to his portal players. That’s not to say he should meet all their demands if they have any. Just saying it seems kind of stupid not to talk to them at all.

  • We’ve only had a top 50 offense once in the three years Dunn has been our OC. If the trend of offensive play continues like it did the second half of this past season (With less talent coming back and being replaced) then getting to six wins seems like a stretch.

  • All the Big 12 programs seem to be getting better. There doesn’t seem to be any guaranteed wins on the schedule any longer unless we play a couple of pathetic programs in non-conference play.

To be quite honest I’ll be really surprised if we manage to get to 6-6 next season. I know Gundy has made a bowl every season since 2006 but you can’t continue to lose that much production every season to the portal and graduation while barely replacing it. It’s not even sustainable for bowl eligibility. There used to be a time when I thought the future looked bright and now it seems like it’s going into utter darkness. This isn’t a program that should just be happy with bowl eligibility any longer. It’s been time to get past that point for the better part of ten years now. The only positives I’ve really seen this off-season is being able to retain Gordon, Oliver, and Daniels.


I like this approach. Here’s mine:
QB - downgrade
RBs - neutral
WRs - downgrade
OL - neutral
TE - neutral (we don’t use them appropriately anyway :man_shrugging:)

DL - downgrade
LB - downgrade
CB - downgrade
S - neutral

This could be an ugly year…


Baylors running back williams just entered the portal should we go after him…

Ok, put down the orange kool aid and step away from the bar.
Some of your upgrade/downgrades are debatable but upgrade at safety? We lose Jason Taylor and Thomas Harper. Love Kendall Daniels, but he cannot replace two guys.


Your grades are much more realistic.

I don’t know that every big 12 team is getting better. I mean the big 12 champ last year did just go 6-7 and Iowa State isn’t really going in an upward trajectory, neither is WVA in my opinion. Tech and TCU are definitely moving the right way and UT is too but it’s Texas, they never should have been where they were. OU is ou , they’ll bounce back and KSU is a solid program and I don’t really know about Kansas, we’ll see if Leipold (spelling?) can keep that going. Having a good offseason so far so its looking brighter, which is your point…

Having said that I don’t really disagree with anything else. Gundy has been getting on my nerves with a lot of this stuff for a few years now. Only 1 10+ win season in the last 5 years and had 6 between 2010 and 17’ so he definitely needs to get adapt with the current college football trends and not rest on his laurels anymore.


Didn’t Thomas only play like 6 or 7 games this year? don’t seem to remember him out there past KSU game

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