What Landing Five-star Enoch Boakye Could Do for OSU

If it was a fight club you would definitely be invited just so we could have a warm up before we dudes lol

Ur delusional too. I’m coming around to u being obsessive as joe

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But hey, you can give your daddy 3rd place if it fits your agenda.

What does that mean. Warm up before we dudes. U want to warm up with joe

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We need a punching bag to get ready for the fights

I would be doing what everyone has done

Slow down before u get a chubby

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I knew you had a tiny bit of competitiveness in you somewhere so welcome glad to have you on board

We were 4th. Texas had the same amount of conference losses and didn’t get to play and beat Kansas due to COVID. That’s what it says no matter how much Robert wants to spin it. Which is why from now on I will be calling him CNN.

I was referring to recruiting. Misread the conversation.

Oh in recruiting? Yeah because Boynton knows that if you want to try and establish a champion chasing program you can’t recruit middle of the pack every season.

Hey CNN,

If the only site that matters when it comes to conference finishes is the conference site itself then we finished 4th. I know how you like to put a spin on everything else, and tell everyone else they use bent facts. No matter how much you WANT to believe it’s simply just not TRUE. So you can stop now.

Lol still hasn’t even got a commitment :joy:

Hard to tell a kid what to expect when there’s a looming NCAA hammer waiting to smack down.

Maybe you can tell me the last time Gundy signed a 5 star and 4 star recruit to his team in the same year? Because Boynton did it last year.

Just go look up all the other site. They couldn’t bring them to put texas above us. NCAA wiki espn
Go see how the do the other sports.
Only ur agenda fits the 4th.

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U want to be 4th. Boyton hasnt got a player yet. And ur talking 5 stars. He will have to have everyone come back so we have a team.

It’ll only be one yr. With the lose of 1 scholarship for 3 years. At worse. Will only effect a 1 and done. Boynton such a great recruiter he should have no troubles.

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Scary to think what gundy’s class would look like next year with a NCAA hammer waiting on him. Pretty sure that would be like a death penalty.

Actually Robert it affects the whole team. If you haven’t noticed the whole team can’t play when it gets banned so no it’s not just 1 and dones.