What Mike Boynton Said After His Team’s First Official Practice of the Season

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On newcomers, being able to recruit again and more.

Upcoming season looks very promising. Can’t wait.

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Ooohhhh man! Bring it on! This team sounds SO fun! Can’t wait…

The talent and the depth really is exciting. Should be a tremendous season. No longer have to put it all on a few players’ shoulders. Not sure how many teams can keep up with the Cowboys in the late minutes of a game because of all the fresh legs we should have because of rotation.

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Now if boynton can make athe next step in his coaching we will be good to go.

LOL good one

This team should compete for the big 12 championship.

U rite about that. They SHOULD.

Going to be hard to hang with these boys!!

Grade boynton
Recruiting is a solid A would be and A+ if he got cade without his brother.
Player development is a C.
On court coaching C+

No schemes needed. Brice Williams, Brice Thompson, Moncrief, Avery, Boon twins, moussa, and a bunch other dudes! That’s how to recruit to Oklahoma state.

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Hard to say how his player development is yet. Need to see players stay the full 4 years. Ice has gotten worst. Boon twins have gotten better. Avery has gotten better. Moncrief got better as the season went on. Cade was still picked #1.


There group with waters got worse. Had them 2 years.
Ice has definitely got worse.
Boone and Avery got more time and u throw in just a year older deal. I mean just go double their numbers for playing twice as much. Avery had the one great game, I’m still terrified when he has the ball. Boone is a gamer.
Even as a season goes along u should see improvements. In the what last 6 games we had 2 games of 20 turnovers.
I see u had no problem with my C I gave him for on court coaching.
He still is young, talented players help bad coaching.
Over all this should be a better team.

Even forgot about walker! If this team dose not get there it will feel like a disappointment for sure.

I didn’t. Walker if coached rite has the best upside of any of them.

Can’t argue with a C. He didn’t use time out effectively enough in my opinion.

If cade didn’t take over games he would have lost more games. That’s recruiting not coaching. He did coach the team or cade to score 40 plus against oklahoma. He recruited cade.
I know u have problems understanding these concepts

We shall see

Like I said I dnt see him doing worse. Just the fact we got inside help is big.
But win one game in the dance every year will slow the recruiting down.

I don’t think “1 great game” gets you on mock drafts Roberto. Avery was solid all year and shined when he had to when Cade was down.

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