What Mike Gundy Said Monday in His Week 2 Radio Show

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Leftover thoughts from Gundy on Missouri State and a lookahead to Week 2.

Gundy’s got a bunch of sound bites for u guys.

Yep and here is my favorite!!! LOL this guy. “Smart coaches don’t change much”. Hey Gundy turn your tractor off and listen to me. That coach down in Alabama changed his offense 180 and winning championships so is he dumb? This guy just asked for it. Gundy reminds me of President trump LOL just can’t help but to sound dumb and says ridiculous stuff.


Huntziker just pitching softballs to Gundy.
The show has turned into a waste of time.
No calls, no texts, no hard questions!!!

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That’s because that’s the gundy way. I mean what coach in the history of coaches say’s no to go on a #1 state wide radio show to talk about his football team and advertise his brand with recruits listening? Gundy that’s who. He’s chicken or weird one of the two and I’m going with both.


“Smart coaches don’t change.” Wow. No wonder we are mediocre. This quote should be an immediate pay deduction. If “smart” coaches shouldn’t change than neither should their salary. Embarrassing. Good thing we have plenty of drooling morons like Robert that are ok with this garbage.

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" u know it baby" why should he change.

Mack Brown wouldn’t change (got fired from Texas)

Bob Stoops wouldn’t change (got forced out)

Les Miles wouldn’t change (got fired from LSU)

Bo Pelini wouldn’t change (got fired from Nebraska)

Gus Malzahn wouldn’t change (got fired from Auburn)

Jim Mcelwain wouldn’t change (got fired from Florida)

Jim Harbaugh won’t change (he’s about to get fired)

Kevin Sumlin wouldn’t change (got fired from Texas A&M)

Brett Bielema wouldn’t change (got fired from Arkansas)

These programs have something our fans, donors, and regents don’t. They have the balls to be bold and seek out change when it’s recognized a change is needed.

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Joey Joey Joey, their are at least two coaches on this list u said u would like. U can’t burn the candle at both ends

Ok, Bob Stoops wouldn’t change & was forced out? No sir. Didn’t happen. Mike was ushered out. Bob was not. And what changes are you saying Bob didn’t make that got him forced out?

Mack Brown……what did he refuse to change?

Bielema………got fired because they stunk. Had nothing to do with changing or not. The only thing he needed to change was the W-L column.

Lol never thought I would agree with u. But, it is about Joey, he is always wrong. Some of the others were worried about u

Yea real Joey Bob fired his brother to save his job.

Gundy’s pitiful

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Can they beat Missouri State by more than 7 points?

Bob Stoops went through a 4 year cycle without a conference title (2011-2014), 2 losses to Mike Gundy, and not one national championship appearance in the 7 years before his “retirement”. And you don’t think they wanted him to leave?

Mack Brown went from playing for conference titles and a national championship to 5-7, 9-4, and 8-5. You think Texas was going to be okay with 4th or 5th in a 10 team conference?

Before Bielema was hired Petrino went 10-3 and 11-2 with Arkansas. Bielema was trying to play smash mouth football with Bama and LSU in the SEC West which was just plain stupid.

You said Bob Stoops wouldn’t change. I’m asking you……what changes are you saying he refused to make?

You’re wrong. But I’m wanting some clarification before I jump into this

You said Bob Stoops wouldn’t change. I’m asking you……what changes are you saying he refused to make?

You’re wrong. But I’m wanting some clarification before I jump into this

What changes? You mean like for not firing his own brother when everyone else knew the OU defense was mostly bad when he came back to be the DC the 2nd time around?

Hold up chief. You said it. Not me. So you’re saying Bob was fired because he refused to fire his brother? You mean the one that Lincoln kept too?

The one that LR fired after his first year as the HC? Yeah…that guy.