What Mike Gundy Said Monday in His Week 2 Radio Show

Bobs last 2 years……they were Big 12 Champs & he was 22-4 overall & 17-2 in the Conf. Including making the playoffs & then winning the Sugar Bowl. Both of those teams finished #5 in the country. Prior to that, he fired his OC, which was the guy that was his QB when he won the Nat title. Bobs recruiting had slipped. He’s said himself he wasn’t going out and busting his butt on the recruiting trail like he had when he was younger. But you’re saying that he was forced out because he refused to change……which is incorrect. You also bring up a 4 year span……but completely skip over his last 2 years. That’s cherry-picking to fit your story……

So…….Bob was forced out for keeping a guy……that Lincoln also had on his first staff? So Mike was allowed to stay on…….but Bob was forced out? That makes sense. Willing to force Bob to resign……but not Mike. You’re an idiot

Ok……Mack & Bielema got fired because they didn’t win. That’s why. Had nothing to do with not changing. I agree on Bielemas style not working in the SEC……but it was a bad hire. Had nothing to do with him not willing to change. You made a statement about these guys not being willing to change……yet you haven’t brought up anything to back that up. Bob Stoops fired Josh Heupel & brought in Lincoln Riley. That’s a pretty big change.

So you don’t think anyone was upset with him losing to Houston? You don’t think anyone was upset with him getting owned in Norman by Ohio State? You don’t think anyone was upset with him at all from 2011-2016?

They didn’t win because they didn’t change.

Ok……EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH OU IS UPSET WHEN THEY LOSE. Every year. Go check the Twitter idiots that want Lincoln fired. It’s just how it is. You’re asking a question that I agree with you on. But……people/fans/alumni being mad about losing a game isn’t what you said. Being mad about losing a game isn’t forcing Bob Stoops out. You said he was forced out because he wouldn’t change. Losing to Houston in a season opener has nothing to do with Bob not changing. That’s not even remotely the same thing. You keep posting stuff thats not relevant to the initial point you tried to make

He got “owned” by KState in 2003. He got “owned” by USC in 04. Lincoln got “owned” by LSU. Why didn’t they get forced out after those?

Because he still played for a national championship.

Lincoln didn’t play for a Nat Championship. Why didn’t he get forced out? Bama “owned” Lincoln too. Why isn’t he forced out?

Nick Saban changed his offense because he wanted to score more and get away from ground and pound a little bit. He also made his defense adjust to playing more spread offenses as well. That’s what good coaches do. They make adjustments to fit their athletes strengths also.

No, Bob didn’t fire Mike. Lincoln fired Mike halfway thru his 2nd year.

I agree. They do. Saban absolutely did that.

I have no idea how thats supposed to prove that Bob Stoops was forced out because he didn’t change.

By the way, Mack Brown & Bielema were both re-hired. Both are running the same stuff they did before. You have to win. They didn’t in the end. That’s why they got fired. Had nothing to do with not changing.

And I told you already……Bob fired Josh Heupel. His first QB. Arguably the most important player of Bobs tenure. If that’s not change…….then I don’t know what is.

Because LR is still challenging for a national title. It’s different now. He has to win an additional game now to get to the title game. That’s understandable. He fired Mike Stoops because he wanted better defense. He’s always changing it up on offense. He’s won the conference title every year he’s been coach so far. To me he’s a better coach so far than Stoops is….so far.

I still think Lincoln has some stuff to get cleaned up before I’ll say he’s better than Bob. Lincoln is a recruiter. He gets it. He’s an offensive guru. But……he’s gotta find a way to run a tighter ship. He’s not shown me that this program is as tough as what it was under Bob. Talented? Absolutely. Potent offense? No doubt. Flashy? Yep. But I’m not real sure how tough a program he runs. We’ll see.

Mike was fired because he wasn’t good enough. Agreed. But that still doesn’t prove your point. If anything Lincoln keeping him disproves it. You can’t say in one breath Bob was fired for not letting Mike go……then Lincoln gets hired and keeps Mike until halfway thru year two. That makes no sense. Just say you should’ve worded it differently and we’ll move on. I don’t wanna have to put you and Robert in the same idiotic category

I don’t think Bob was forced out. I think Bob decided, “Hey, I’ve essentially accomplished all I need to accomplish in coaching. I’ve proven to myself and my peers that I can resurrect a blue-blood under immense pressure. I consistently produce conference titles, keep us relevant nationally, and I’m handing the keys to the program to Lincoln, whom I hand-selected. Now, I can rest assured that I’m leaving it in good hands. I no longer have to deal with the daily grind of discipline issues, checking with professors on my team’s grades and attendance, and I’m no longer directly responsible for the health and well-being of 85 young men. Not to mention, I don’t have the pressure of game-prep, film work, staffing issues and job security of my assistants. I also no longer need to take time from my family with meeting alumni, fundraising…all that stuff.” I think Bob just decided one day that he was done with the grind and was ready to move on to the next season of life. Just my 2 cents.

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100% agree.

For all of his offensive brilliance, Lincoln lacks (or simply hasn’t shown) a killer instinct. 37-14 at half vs Tulane. The final probably should’ve been 63-24. At times, he gets too cute with playcalling or too stagnant with it. If he learns to truly finish opponents off, coupled with Grinch’s improving defense, look out. OU will end up with Natty #8. And that thought makes me sick, but it’s also a harsh reality.

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Thats what I’ve said about riley. He has to many leads lost. Tulane could have won that game. If it weren’t for the kicker pounding 50 yards.

Or if Tulane doesn’t fumble multiple times. But turnovers work both ways. Rattler nearly threw 3 INTs.