What Mike Gundy Said Monday in His Week 4 Radio Show

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Gundy takes one final look back at Boise and looks ahead to conference play.

Ok so if you know exactly what they are going to do offensive and defensively, will you have your guys ready for it? Because they are going to load the box on you.

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Ur like a crazy bag lady. Gundy is not going to answer u.

I got some good questions for him. You know the ones that everybody is to scared to ask

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It’s a real shame this game is not televised. That’s one of many reasons this conference is a dud.


It is on tv just get cable and pay 6.99
It’s always on the wireless

Gundy would like his injured players to just play thru the injuries?
Is he nuts?
My track coach in high school made me keep running after I pulled a thigh muscle and thus ruined the rest of my career because I was not allowed to rest in order to heal. That muscle finally healed several years later. So that is why I have no appreciation for Gundy’s outlook on injuries. He is saying that the younger generation of football players are soft. He let Tay Martin play the second half in the Mizzu State game even though he had an injury. What that did was delay his healing. Where is the common sense at the top?

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“We won the game rushing the football”

If he thinks they are just going to line up and rush the ball for 4.2 ypc against K State like they did against a 1-2 Mountain West team the other night he’s smoking crack. I can PROMISE you that’s exactly what he has planned!!!

I watched the Matt Damon movie Stillwater tonight. This gem was in the script.

“I got you, uh, a Cowboys sweatshirt at the airport. They’re gonna be good this year. They got this big ol’ tight end out of Guthrie. Takes about three guys to bring him down. He gonna go pro for sure.”

I about died of laughter when I heard Damon say it. Out of all positions it’s pretty comical they chose TE.

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“I got you this Virginia Cavaliers jersey. There is a former Cowboy Back that plays for them now. He’s actually gets the ball thrown to him. We like to sometimes think what it would be like if he were still here.”

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I think that’s different for everyone. If the doctors say there’s no risk for further injury, then it’s just a pain tolerance thing. Like the high ankle sprain. Very painful and uncomfortable, but you can play through it after a few weeks.

I do think he is onto something about athletes not having enough body fat. Not that they should be obese, but your body probably needs a little cushioning.

You’ve got more broken records than Guinness. Give it a rest and move on. Why do you even come here? To rant about the same three topics over and over? Why? What’s the point of it? Go away.

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Because I can.

That’s not a reason. Do you just like spreading your misery around? You’re clearly not venting your frustration or getting it off your chest because you just keep doing it on loop… It’s weird and obsessive and probably not healthy. You need a better hobby. Take up rattlesnake hunting or something. Stop watching football. It is making your life worse.


Moron u could replace ksu for osu in that statement.
They just passed the ball 13 times against a mountain west team. Pathetic.

No because ur pathetic.

Didn’t u know people name their dogs after people the admire, how many dogs were named Duke. He named his dog gundy and his wife took it and the kids. So he feels if he can’t have gundy no one can.

You’re not just stupid, you must be inbred to. Go play your banjo on the porch.

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Jug Jug Jug only a chit shoveling inbred like u would know where u play the banjo. Did that hit home, did ur wife take gundy away when she left.
I feel sorry for u gurls, to have so much hate. I’m sure at one time u gurls could function. But ur hate has driven u insane.

Yes, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton somehow had the right body type and training that allowed them to absorb so much punishment without career ending injuries. I think it was Walter Payton who built up his legs by running up hillsides. He said that helped him avoid serious injuries.
I’m sure Rob Glass is scrambling to consult with some sports experts to look for a type of conditioning program that has proven to lessen chance of injuries. Hate to see this sport turn into a game of attrition because of so many injuries. The teams that do well will be the ones with the most talented depth charts. The game turns into the last man standing contest.