What OU, Texas Leaving Big 12 for SEC Would Mean for OSU

Nebraska was a member of the AAU at the time they joined the Big 10. Nebraska lost its membership after they had already joined. That actually has caused a bit of a controversy in Big 10 circles. If Nebraska was ever to leave the Big 10, that would be a large part of the reason why. But as things stand now, the Big 10 wouldn’t even consider OSU.

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Ok I miss remembered lol. But I never said to go to the big 10.
If we lose ou and Texas we can only do two things spear head a large conference. Adding byu and boise would be a part. Getting smu Houston to replace Texas.
Get Cincinnati for more of the east the have been doing good. Steal Utah and Colorado would share up the whole mountain state this. I’m sure nebaska is tired of losing.
This is a volume league but with expansion we would get one in.
The other thing get with tech and jump to the pac.

How I understand it Gundy’s hair was the only the talked about at the big 12. Tells u about what people want.
At least he is in the news and not for covering up a scandal.

If you know the SEC so well then you would know that money trumps all and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Texas is the richest school in College sports and OU is a top 3 all time college football school, so yes the SEC would take OU and Texas in a heartbeat because they would get filthy rich. And your glorified Florida Gators haven’t done Jack since Urban Meyer left. OU has made the playoffs almost every year had 2 heisman trophy winners and 2 #1 overall picks. If they go to the SEC they will be the 2nd best team as soon as they get there.

I know the money would be unreal. But some of the lower schools would then except having a harder time go to bowls. There would be some pride. They would have to a 9 game season leaving only 3 cheap games.
School like mu ark Ken vady msu ole miss even tenn.
Then Texas a&m, the can’t tell Texas players come here we play in the sec.

I would think as a lsu fan u would jump at this move Alabama and Auburn east. U could handle ou and Texas a whole lot easier.

First off, this is the type of arrogant point of view that makes the rest of the college football world LOATHE you SEC guys. Secondly, you need to realize this isnt a “vote” in the way that a general election is. Its not as if each school goes into a booth and just says yea or nay. There will be meetings that involve the SEC commissioner and each Schools Rep’s. They will then come out of that meeting with a uniform plan of attack. The SEC will ABSOLUTELY take on Texas and OU. Its a no-brainer. You mention expanding East as opposed to bringing in OU and/or Texas. The SEC is currently THE MAJOR CONF in College Football. By far. So tell me what teams from the East are currently in the SEC? NONE. The amount of eyeballs you gain by adding…who out that way? Other than Notre Dame or looting someone from the Big 10, theres no one. You arent getting ND or anyone out of the Big 10. Tell me who outside of the current SEC, other than ND or Ohio St, has MORE credibility/name recognition/street cred than OU? The answer is no one. There are some schools that are comparible, but no one is a more appealing option than OU. I wont even go into the benefits of adding THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF THE BIGGEST FOOTPRINT IN YOUR CONFERENCE (Texas).

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It will be a rude awaking for ou and Texas.
Ou the best in the big 12 will trun in the 6th best sec team. Texas will be fight with Arkansas for wins to keep out of the bottom spot.

OU would not be the 6th best SEC team. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

This is another ignorant statement. Missouri and Texas A&M have had success in the SEC, so im sure OU and Texas would manage to as well

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If everybody just wants money they will take in them.

Missouri DID well.
Texas has been second once in the last 10 years.

They sure as he’ll won’t win a division let a only a title.
I guess they will become the osu of the sec as ar0 would say 4th.

If OU leaves and OSU stays, the pokes are in serious trouble. Check out Nebraska. Check out Colorado. OSU had better make every attempt possible to follow OU wherever they go. OU and Texas landing in the SEC while OSU isnt…is a virtual deathnail to the Aggies as a viable bigtime football program.

There isn’t a single team in the SEC that outclasses OU other than Alabama. OU would consistently be the second best team in the SEC. You would be dumb to think otherwise.

I know that why I hope Chad is on the phone rite now with the pac 12

The lost lsu by 40 two years ago. When they play a full schedule in the sec the losses will mount.

Wow one game Robert you really got a point now. That same LSU smacked Clemson too and they sure as hell would be the second best SEC team too if they joined. Year in and year out OU is a better team than the SEC outside of Alabama. Will other teams do better than OU some years? You bet they will but OU would consistently be the number two team.


The pac 12 has said they don’t want to cover 3 time zones. They don’t think that makes sense for the teams or the fans especially on TV.


40%? You are mistake about population density west of the Mississippi River