What Raiding the AAC Could Mean for the Big 12’s Future

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Raiding the AAC could be a viable path to remaining relevant.

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No way. We might add 2 AAC to get to 10 teams but why add more than that when they are dragging down your per school revenue. Silliness.

125 million for 8 remaining is 16 million- a bit higher than what you said but yep.

Next to joining the big ten and ahead of joining the pac 12 I like this plan IF you don’t stop at those aac adds but instead pick up all three service academies and BYU. Those latter four bring global tv audiences. Plus, OSU is pretty strong in that conference, so bring on the playoff.

I would go after bigger markets if possible if your going to add teams. Boise rules the Idaho market and BYU has plenty of alumni and air time.

I would say with Cincy you could but Ohio State is the ruling market for that state and they aren’t bringing much to the Big 12 as far as marketing and revenue goes.

I think you could get away with Houston but without looking specifically at their marketing and revenue numbers Im not so sure.

I just don’t know if I’m West Virginia if I want to stick with the Big 12 when the ACC has closer travel to those schools. If they do I think you should do something like this:

Big 12 North

Boise State
K State
Iowa State
West Virginia

Big 12 South

Oklahoma State

Like I said…if you HAVE to have 16 teams then fine. I just would worry about the revenue and marketing you’ll get from the smaller schools.

Boone, for the first time in a long time, I completely agree with this. By adding Cincy, Houston, and UCF you suddenly have 6 teams that arguably should have had an opportunity to play for a national championship in 6 out of the last 10 years. 2020 - Cincy undefeated. 2017 and 2018 - UCF undefeated. 2015 Houston 13-1 TCU 11-2. 2014 - TCU and Baylor finish 11-1. 2011 - OSU, well we all know.

With those 12 teams, maybe we don’t earn our $38 million each like we do now but surely you could get a contract in the high $20s.

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I like the idea of adding teams from the ACC in terms of competition. But when you look at the worth of a conference with those teams it just is fiscal suicide for OSU. I think one way or the other OSU ends up in the PAC 12 with at least one other Big 12 school.
At some point most of us are going to get tired of playing this guessing game and then we will just surrender to the waiting game and let the powers that be work it out as we fans watch the games this season. In the mean time I am waiting for the odds to come out of Las Vegas to bet on where OSU ends up.

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I think if the big 12 expands the first call has to be to BYU. They bring the biggest audience and biggest potential gain in tv money.

Exactly what I’ve been saying. Not saying those are the exact teams that should be added but they are good choices. My main concern if UCF is added is the geography, esp for other sports. Orlando is a big market and it’s growing and is further than West Virginia so need to add Cincy to give them some “closer” neighbors. Might as well get USF too just for that purpose!

Won’t work IMO. Biggest audience? Hope you mean as far as spectators who go to the venues and not media market.

You sound exactly like the Big XII - II powers that be that got us to this point in the first place. Only about money, huh?

First off. The aac has signed a 12 year deal that would be the first the to check out. Which.to me is not on the table anyway.
This is all about money.
So one of the best option
Mizzou goes to the big ten. Which the money will be close to the same. And Mizzou could make up that money just in seat tickets for wrestling.
Sec expand again by adding Clemson and us.
Either way more money competition will be high in almost all sports. And welcome to Mac wrestling.
Big ten waives aau. We go north. Overall are sports will be the same or better. Wrestling would make more money but may take a hit.
Pac 12 puts their noses down. Their tv deal is up before the big 12. We would fit in most sports just fine.
Personal those hippies should waste electricity on nite games.
Acc is a joke they have a terrible tv deal. If u can’t get a new one it’s not that great.
To stay alive on r own we would have to taken in the best of the east and west. Joey said tulsa and smu well neither will provide enough in any area
We got I know long shot. If we keep them as kind of on their own like the acc now or big 10 did. Get noter dame. Yes a wild one. But everything has to be tried.
We need the biggest and best.
So the city’s of Houston Cindy Memphis. San Diego.
Big schools like usf and ucf
The military schools.
And the mountain schools boise byu Colorado state.
No 8, 10,12 teams at least 16.


The only thing left is become an independent. Or join rejoin the Missouri Valley
I would ask what u think but I know u have no opinion just ur awkward love for gundy.

We’d smoke all 4 of those teams and nobody would be impressed. Go to the P12

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Yes but they refuse to play on Sundays because God. That screws up athletic schedules.

Actually basketball is real the only major deal. Like baseball is just pushed forward, which happens alot.
But real how many games would we lose for byu bb.on sunday.

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Gundy is 1-2 against Houston.

Only if joining a power conference falls through.

I think a merger would is the best option to recover most of the money lost by the exit of Oklahoma and Texas, however, I feel that the remaining Big 12 school are too proud(arrogant) at the moment. I really don’t see any security for any of the Group 5 schools joining the Big 12 when every school that’s currently in the conference trying to join more prestigious conferences. Although it appears that no one wants the remaining Big 12 schools and they are begging the ACC, BIG10, and PAC 12 to save them, that might not remain so in the next year or two. With a merger they might receive 25-30 million per school and still have the option to leave for a more prestigious conference down the line. Not to mention, the American has a strong presence in Texas and also share the same office building with the Big 12 (if I’m not mistaken). A merger would only solidify the presence and recover some of the potential loss they presume if they split.
Also, with schools like Oklahoma,Texas, and possibly Kansas leaving, this would give the other remaining 7 a chance to the playoffs once the extension is approved. And then there’s talk also that West Virginia will try to court the ACC, so if the Big 12 ever comes down off their high horse, they should strongly consider a merger.

In 2019 BYU averaged 1.39 million viewers per game. That would have placed them 2nd in the Big 12 (without OU and Texas), behind only Oklahoma State.

BYUtv has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.