What the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC Alliance Means for OSU and the Big 12

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Not much!

Nothing to see here. I said when it first happened it’s to vote down sec playoff plans.

These 3 Conferences are just “holding their cards to their vests”
To keep one’s plans, intentions, or tactics secret from everyone else. Refers to holding one’s playing cards close to one’s chest in a card game, so as not to allow other players to see one’s hand.
When the T V money comes back around, then they’ll start scrambling.


But wait…….I thought that “holding ones cards close to their vest” wasn’t allowed? I thought all these schools needed to be completely transparent with each other? Let everybody in on what their moves were? Even though they’re in competition with each other…….they’re supposed to keep each other in the loop, right?!?!

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (Great)
  • Social justice (Great)
  • Gender equity (Great)

On second thought, maybe we should try to make a go of it in the B12:-)

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“Here’s the truth: The Alliance as it is currently constituted is a nothing-burger.”

Yep and it’s nothing more than a flaunt to the SEC “Well this it what we’re going to do!!!” when in reality it’s nothing more than a PR move and the likelihood is nothing will come from it and what makes it even more comical is the SEC knows it, and they wouldn’t even care in the first place if it were real.

If I’m Bob Bowlsby I’m making calls to Houston , SMU, Cincinnati, And Boise State. Then seeing if I can’t salvage a mess I could’ve helped prevent, and praying that the conference gets to keep its P5 status.

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Dude I see what you did, nice try troll. Fact of the matter these three have no contract with each other. They essentially met over lunch and shook hands over a bunch of meaningless statements. They don’t owe each other anything. In fact if I were one of those schools I wouldn’t trust any of the rest of them. So not the same situation as OU and OSU/B12. Again OU stabbed OSU in the back and some flawed narrative about others exhibiting the same behavior is going to change that fact.

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No dude, this was business. OU & OSU are in competition with each other in many facets outside of the playing field. Go find someone that’s not wearing OSU boxers and ask them if OU/TX should’ve told the rest of the programs about their move. It’s business. It’s not 2 friends dating the same chick. You need to realize that.

Instead it’s one chick trying to date two friends.

I know ur a genius and think ur rite. There are more non osu fans who dnt see ur lack of morals.

Barry Tramel, Mark Rodgers, Carson Cunningham, Kirk Herbstreit, Pat Jones are just a few I guess that lack the same moral compass as apparently OU and Texas do.

I do love the way u think. So if ur at ur frat house party and all ur brother tell u it’s OK to do the act then it’s ok.

You are bad at a lot of things, but giving analogies may be your biggest swing and a miss.

A couple of frat brodies happen to be OSU guys. Carson and Pat love OSU…but they also are capable of separating business from friendship

The whole deal is (this is where Nixon got in trouble) if everything was kosher then why hide it. Ou was act like sec was a fat gurl.

I do. In business u keep deal silent because of the stock market. Or there is something not rite about it. When u have the sec ou texas espn all involved on a deal that goes under the radar it’s fishy.

Ok see, now were having a legitimate discussion. Therefore, im going to entertain this AND delete my previous post.


If there wasn’t a agenda ou and Texas would want it out there. To at least entertain offers from other conferences ( mainly big 10) or fox.

Yeah I disagree with that. The SEC is the perfect fit for OU and Texas. From a football standpoint. Culturally. Fan base. Recruiting. Its a perfect fit. Its also the most dominant Conf going. Like it or not, its where youd love to have your program playing at. As a result, if youre OU or Texas, you dont want anything to mess that up. You saw all the turmoil and anger its caused. Oklahoma legislators. A&M brass. Conf members of the Big 12 that are left. OU and Texas are not as good of a fit in the Big 10. The SEC is a perfect fit for these two schools

I said entertain. U really need to learn not to put chit into what I say.
With the big ten all ready making more money. It’s a doable option. Heck could have been 70 million.
Back onto the playoff. If the other schools dnt want expansion or it’s not 12. Won’t it be harder for ou. It’s all about money. I mean the playoffs make lots of money. Staying in the big 12 with the expansion would guarantee ou a spot. Seriously think about it.