What the Seismic Shift at Oklahoma Means for Oklahoma State and the Big 12

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On Saturday, the Cowboys could clinch the reins of the Big 12 for years to come.

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24 hours away boys. Just win.


“The results of this weekend could have huge, lasting effects on Oklahoma State and its place in the Big 12, and the Big 12’s place in college football. If Oklahoma State wins a Big 12 title, gets into the College Football Playoff and more, there will be a new sheriff in the conference, and his name is Mike Gundy.”

I thought this was supposed to happen after 2011? Look……the article was good and had some valid points to it. I’m not ready to say it looks like OU is going to be doomed next season. Now I don’t have any clue how good they will be, but considering the success they’ve had I wouldn’t be surprised if they are good.

Gus Malzahn took a 3-9 Auburn team to the national title game his first year at Auburn. The likelihood of a first year head coach at OU doing that would still be probably rare, but it’s not impossible for them to have an absolute turnaround (Even Stoops won a national title in just his second year).

They aren’t a program like us. They aren’t in a position where it’s going to take them three years to build a team that might be conference title worthy. I get a bunch of crap on here for following them, but they say the best way to know your enemy is to know what they have and how they do things.

Whatever they do next season with their new HC is going to also depend on how good this league is next season as well. If we bring a majority of our players back next season then I could see us being the conference favorite next season.

I think we need to be very careful though on predicting what the future holds for Mike Gundy and OSU football though. Iowa State, for example, was a preseason top 10 team I believe bringing back the most starters in the conference. They found a way to go 7-5.


I don’t think I’ve replied once this year.

This has got to be the worst article I’ve ever read.

Let’s not act as if OU is not OU…. There are teams that have GREAT turnarounds in a year. They didn’t receive the death sentence. A coach that evidently was for them in the first place left. And the players that will stay are going to be sold out.

Because we have one good year doesn’t mean we’ve usurped anyone. We’re still the little brother. We’ve proven nothing, we won 5 games against OU in the last 21 years. Chill out.

If OU stays another year in the big 12 they’ll be better off. But if they move next year. They’ll definitely be in a bigger hole. Don’t expect us to come out slaughtering them next year. Their are fantastic coaches and players out there.

Preach that. Cox is acting like they are in dire need of help. It’s the university of Oklahoma….

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This is great and will help us in oklahoma. Texas just made a 10 mill slush fund for nil.
Away from Texas and ou will help. In the end will still will have to develop and coach better.

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The schedule is already set for 2022. I believe they won’t be going to the SEC until 2023.

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That was the the whole deal sec already made their schedule we knew they weren’t going

Outside of Oklahoma the most consistent winning program in the Big 12 is Oklahoma State. With OU out and BYU, UC, UH, and UCF coming in I like our chances of sitting atop the league on a regular basis. Especially if we make the playoff this year because of the recruiting bump. Also, as far as Oklahoma…after next year I could give a rats behind how badly they suck or how well they rebound after Riley. I suspect they will suck for years to come.


I never said anything about them after next year. Just simply stated I wouldn’t bank on them sucking next year in the Big 12. I really don’t know how good they will be, but I’d be surprised if they pull a 7-5 or something like that in Big 12 play next season.

I see u are an ou fan. Still. 24 hours from us going to the playoff u are still crying about gundy.


So what exactly did I say in ANY of my comments in this forum that bashed Gundy?

What have u dnt said that wasn’t a bash.


Why on the nite before a great game that we r 11 and 1. R u talking about what he could do at ku or Tulane.
He is at osu. Fritz is a nice coach. Miles has been shown he didn’t help ku.

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Riley has keep getting better recruits but worse results. That is fact.
U never give credit to the super seniors. U never give credit to dunn for have only 1 player and not a full time player has got the offense going.

U are still playing ur hate card of gundy. Knowles has had 30 to 35 guys all year long playing 12 games

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I have several OU fans and they are not very confident that the move to the SEC will help their football program. It looks like USC or Baylor will have better chances to make the CFP in the near future than the Sooners.


To think OU won’t rebound and have any chance to compete in the big 12 next year is laughable . I remember this exact same delusional kind of articles on this site when Bob retired. All of you giggled at the thought of Lincoln not being able to win as such a young coach. How’d that pan out for ya? Let’s be honest, if Lincoln didn’t have his head in the USC clouds end of this season you very likely aren’t playing this weekend against Baylor.

That said, yes I do agree if the big 12 manages to stay a Power 5, OSU is in the drivers seat to make the playoffs fairly consistently… especially if the playoff is expanded to 8 or 12.

I also think OU made a mistake leaving because they are giving up a very easy road to the playoffs.

But if the playoffs expand as expected OU should make the playoffs in the SEC every 2 or 3 years. Finishing in the top 4 of the SEC is something OU is more than capable of doing wether your orange blinders allow you to see it or not.

I hope the Pokes make the final 4 and get a shot at Georgia. I think the road ends abruptly there but if y’all do get a shot I hope you make the most of it.

Cheers to hopefully one more great bedlam next year and seeing y’all in the playoff someday.

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Did I say one thing in this immediate thread that bashed Gundy?

If I had a hate card for Gundy I wouldn’t have given him credit for better game planning against OU or for the offense being better the 2nd half of the season. You are so blinded by hate for me that you either totally ignore these things or just don’t pay any attention to them.

I agree with you. It’s an unpopular opinion on here but it’s the most realistic view. As an OSU fan I would love for OU to fall off and us to catapult to new heights but a lot has to happen to get there. I do think OU needs to nail this next coach because of the transfer portal and how it’s changed things. If they lose Caleb Williams and the next head coach isn’t a great hire then I think next year could be a down year for them, still probably looking at 8-9 wins, and then going to the SEC after that isn’t going to help anything, but that’s a lot of ifs, they could also go sign Dabo Sweeney or Jimbo Fisher and not miss a beat or possibly get even better. For OSU they’ve just gotta keep chopping wood. Go win the big 12 tomorrow and hope we find a way into the playoff that’ll be huge for recruiting and brand recognition but then you have to sustain that success and have another 10-11 win season next year as well. Yes there is the possibility for everything to crumble for OU and us to be the new face of the Big 12 but a lot has to happen so we’ve just gotta control what we can control and go from there.

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