What Would the Big 12 Look like without Oklahoma and Texas?

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Could this save the Big 12?

First north Dakota state is a no go.
And if the big 12 is too stay together it will have to steal a couple and go to 16. It’s that simple.
No 10 or 12. 16
But we could slide out west very easily.

North Dakota State, in my opinion, is a dumb idea. No way that works and makes a bad situation worse. Bring on Boise, Cincinnati, Houston, and BYU. That’s a pretty decent conference.

Boise St…MUSTANGS?! For real?? How about BRONCOS?
Sorry - it’s the Idahoan in me…


East: Cincinnati, Iowa State, Memphis, Temple, UCF, USF, West Virginia
West: Baylor, Houston, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech

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West: Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Boise State

East: West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, TCU, Houston, Memphis, Cincinnati.

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I suck, Clint. I’m sorry.

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Big XII could convince Utah, Colorado and the Arizona schools that playing because the mountain time zone school would pair better with the central rather than the pacific. Pac-12 games happen so late, there is less eyes on their games.

Swap Temple for UL-Lafayette and I like it. A lot.

I would love to see us try to get the military academies in

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Love the idea of getting UCF

Unless you steal some other P5 teams back from the SEC, PAC 12, and Big 10 the Big 12 or whatever it would be called will become a G5 conference with P4 now instead of P5.


I actually like the addition of NDSU. They don’t bring a large revenue stream but they’re but I think it would be interesting to see how that plays out.

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I want no part of it. There to much trash in ur east.

This is not a chemistry lab once there in there in.

Hahaha…ok, I was a little “protective” of the Broncs! No problem.
By the way, any fans traveling up here for the game, it’d be cool to get together somehow!
Keep up the good work!


There is no money for a conference without some blue bloods. We would have to join the Pac 12.

There’s not a marquee game on that schedule. What a disappointing fall to mediocrity that would be. No, just no.


The reality is the big 12 is dead and there’s nothing that can be done at this point. But for the sake of this discussion if you’re going to save the big 12 you have to think way outside the box, 12 teams with no blue bloods Won’t cut it, so If the SEC has 16 teams you go to 18 teams. Just blow the whole thing up stretch from coast to coast and have a small army full of small schools.


How will this conference convince any Power 5 school to join with the TV rights expiring after the 2024 season and no extension or replacement in sight?
It’s a non-starter for any Power 5 school.

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