What Would the Big 12 Look like without Oklahoma and Texas?

This would result in maybe $5 million per team in TV revenue, versus the approximately $40 million we’re currently receiving. Look at the AAC TV revenue - this revised conference would receive less than the AAC.

Other than heading to the Pac 12, the only option is to attract the top TV viewing markets/schools possible - Houston, SMU, UCF, USF, Cincy, BYU, Colorado State, etc.

Boise State and any of the Dakota schools are more of what we already have - small market schools.

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Big 12 leadership is a JOKE! They should’ve already been proactive and spoken to officials at Nebraska and Arkansas. NU realizes by now that the B1G is a horrible fit and not going to get better. Arkansas might think about changing esp if UT’s egocentric butt is gone, same for Nebraska. Not a good fit geographically but might as well got get Central and Southern Florida. Think Louisville might consider an overture…I still can’t believe those yokels selected West Va over them, better fit geographically plus L-ville’s media market is a heck of a lot better than Morgantown’s.

Hope you realize said Dakota schools are NOT BCS and their media markets are tiny so ‘no thanks!’

It’ll never happen. Those clowns are of the mind that no school out this way is worthy on an academic level so it won’t happen!

That’s exactly what I said - their media markets are too small.

Best outcome for Pokes is to end up in SEC… B10 & SEC & Networks negotiate to move Mizzu to B10 and slot Pokes as replacement team …Mizzu wanted B10 membership originally anyway …WVU is already talking with ACC count on it …the Networks have wanted (demanded) 4 - 16 team Power Conferences for over decade OSU needs to ‘not settle’ for saving B12 …unless.CO-ASU-UA-Utah want Central Time zone games which the Networks want all EST & CST zone games if possible

I don’t see mizzu taking a pay cut. Even if the big 10 gets to 16 they will not have as many blue blood.s.
I’m sure alot of ad r talking I hope Chad is.


Better hope they get in the sec

No idea, don’t care. Looking forward to the PAC16.


huge no to NDST as it would lower the conference prestige big time.

I think we should go for UCF (recent success and school had a lot of money), Cincinatti ( recent success and up and coming), Memphis (Solid football and basketball programs), and houston (average football but great basketball)


I’m find with those 4 but we have to get to 16. We get chit rite now with 10 of us. No blue bloods we got to get to 16.

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I’m afraid the conference’s prestige is kinda already in the toilet.


Best line written on here in 2 years.

The other big consideration is what will the be the impact to recruiting? I can’t help to think that creating a watered down Big 12 with the likes of Houston, SMU, BYU, etc isn’t gong to help recruiting at all, in fact it will probably hurt it. I think that OSU’s best chance at saving recruiting is to join the Big 10 or the SEC, just my opinion and would be interested in hearing others if someone has a thought.

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How about this scenario… Step one, SEC accepts OU… Step two, SEC does not approve UT. Who votes against Horn’s membership? We know Texas A&M will, pretty certain Missouri will because they left the Big 12 because of Texas, I think Arkansas will also say no. Whose the fourth, how about LSU. They already recruit the State of Texas against one conference opponent, A&M, and wouldn’t want to recruit against a second conference opponent in the Lone Star state. SEC is now looking for a 16th team… Step 3 could be OSU. The Cowboys play football, can compete with SEC schools in men’s and women’s basketball, and can compete against the SEC in baseball and softball. Not to mention we would become the league leader in national championships. Match made in heaven.

Start with the last we would lead in nattys in all conferences except pac12.
Be nice to go to sec.
How I have seen it tho is there make the ou Texas a package deal I’m not sure but sounds like they have the same lawyers.
Tell u the truth if I was the sec I would love to get Texas. They suck now.
We would have to come up with 60 million
So how does this effect recruiting today and down the road. It’s a mess and we need to get out. There is no way we can’t get the rite teams in to help us.

This is why the Big XII won’t exist anymore but also why Oklahoma State will get a P5 invite.

I really didn’t think this talk about OU and Texas to the SEC was serious in the beginning. Now it looks probable. It will be fine if OSU ends up in a power 5 conference with the recruiting base in Texas still viable. The BIG or Big 10 would not want the Cowboys but I would love that for the Pokes.

“With the recruiting base in Texas still viable”. The recruiting base in Texas will be virtually non-existent once OU and Texas are gone. No way you slice it, OU and Texas leaving is a MAJOR, MAJOR blow to the OSU football program.