When should OSU start looking for a new head coach?

Now? 5 years? 10 years? When the program has 3 consecutive losing seasons? When we go 0-12?

How about after we have one, hasn’t happened in 15 years.


I’ll put you down as expectations of 7-6.

A winning record. And no we’ll surpass that.

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Trying hard aren’t u.

Can u imagine gundy not have a losing season since his first, is going to just shoot out 3 in a row.
Of course we r talking about u. U thought last year was a losing season.

They should’ve started compiling a list of wish-list names after 2017.


It’s never to late. Start ur own.

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0 and 12. Are we hiring Miles back.

Absolutely not. Miles served his purpose while here to reinvigorate the program but I would never want him back.


I was just having fun with ar0. Miles is dead in the water.

Probably when our current coach is fired or retires. The latter is the much more likely scenario and I would guess sometime within the next decade.


I admit I was definitely wrong. I didn’t think the majority of people were satisfied with the status quo. Never beating OU, never playing for a conference championship, never playing in a NY 6 bowl. But if everyone is willing for that to be the results for the next decade, I was just wrong.

I’m glad u figured that our final

Man. I wish people in the world could be as mad at things like slavery in China and endless military intervention as OSU fans are when Gundy recruits well and wins football games.


Slavery in Africa doesn’t matter? Just slavery in China? And as far as recruiting, he recruits for 4th in the conference. If that’s recruiting well, then your judgment comes into question.

4th. He well be third when done. Oh yea I know ur 4 button is stuck since u have hit it so much.

The 2022 class looks good so far. You think he’s going to outrecruit Texas or OU?

No but even if he did, his team would still finish 4th because he can’t coach.

BTW do you think Rutgers or Boston College are going to stay in the top 10?

Mite need to fix that button.