When should OSU start looking for a new head coach?

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I dnt only the stupid ones. It’s easy to comment on urs. And no those 2 will drop down but they got enough to stay in top 25.
If u can’t handle a smart person correcting ur mistakes then u could not post in the first place.

You can’t even spell smart 9 times out of 10.

I guess u will have to keep an eye on it.
By the way u need to stay away from the numbers we both know that gives u fits.

What others are saying about Oklahoma State

When asked about his experiences preparing to face Oklahoma State, one Big 12 assistant coach responded with a question: What week are you catching them on?

“If you catch ’em after they barely lose a big game, they’ll come out with their hair on fire,” he explained. “If you catch ’em when they’re down, regardless of how talented they are, you’ve got a great opportunity to beat them. That’s the way I’ve always felt about Oklahoma State.

“To me, they’re not a consistent football team.

A second Big 12 assistant coach praised how much better Oklahoma State’s defense was last season with another year in Knowles’ scheme, which he said causes a lot of issues. But this coach arrived at a similar conclusion after his many years of competing against the Cowboys.

“It seems to me like, over the last few years, they’ve kind of underachieved,” he said.

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Well the first one is just a bunch of bs. Main fact is gundy hasn’t lost to many games in a row. At least no more then any team.
I know u like finding things the fit in ur wheel house. But sound like recuriting propaganda. So that fits ur propaganda too.

That’s the difference between what we post, I can back it up with things I’ve read and yours is crap you make up cause you can’t read.

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U have no problem reading. If it fit ur agenda u would lie it. Since it does not u cry.

AD needs to have a HC list now. Updated every year.


I say u guys start a list. I would love to see it.
One thing is most coach dnt go out of their way to be to friendly to fans. It’s not like saban is out party with fans who make under 50k.
But get that list.
Half will be losers and the other half won’t want to come.

No, the difference is that you come to an Oklahoma State fansite to moan and complain, at literally every opportunity, about Mike Gundy. When there’s not an opportunity, you create one like this thread. This makes you a troll. I know you’re not supposed to feed trolls, but you and the other trolls are already getting so much nourishment from pissing in each others’ corn flakes and then hungrily gobbling them down in front of everyone.

Here’s some straw men I will get out of the way for you while your mouth is full and you’re wiping your chin:


It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not. No one needs every thread turned into a Gundy-bashing litany of your same three complaints. Everyone has heard them. Move on.


Complaining about the coach is the stupidest, laziest critique of a sports team there is and firing the coach is the stupidest, laziest solution. The Jets, Bills, and Dolphins fans all screeched about this during the Tom Brady years in New England. Those guys fired A LOT of coaches, and guess what? It accomplished nothing. They even fired coaches who showed some success. For two decades. Because not only is it the stupidest, laziest critique by fans, but it’s the stupidest, laziest way for administrators to show they’re trying. It’s not a solution to most problems. Their problem was not bad coaching, it was Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. OSU’s problem is that we lack the brand, money, history, and market of other teams. When Gundy tries to get more money or build our brand with his antics, you hate on him and say he’s being foolish.

Whatever. Go eat your corn flakes.


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See ur still making friends job well done. Unlike Jake I know u have no ex wives. Ur an over controlling loser who knows u got to stick to the one u sucker into it…

Do you carry your surrender flag with you at all times like Gundy?

I’m not on here to make friends. I’ve got enough friends.

Yea I know ur horse

No, he named his horse Mike Gundy and he whips it everyday.

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