Where is @jake4

Where has he gone? He was a pretty “in your face” type of poster. Pretty visible on here. Yet…hes gone? He came after @fireGumby by posting “keep hiding, coward”…but hes been M.I.A. since Bedlam

He lost a bet and is gone

@robert28 Are you serious?

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There were quite a few people on here who made bets that if they lost, they would stay off of this forum. Kinda silly yet funny if you ask me.

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Yeah ive seen that too. But thats honestly what happened to him? What was the bet?

I really enjoyed some of our discussions. He was bullheaded and unwilling to admit when he was wrong, but he was intelligent. I cant stand people who refuse to fess up to posting dumbassery, but he will be missed.

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I think his bet was that OSU would make the Big 12 title game. I’m not 100% sure.

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Then I missed that somehow. Ill have to go see if I can find it

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The bet was that OSU would make the conference championship game. We made the bet right after the fiesta bowl. Yo1 made the same bet. Obviously they didn’t know Gundy’s history.

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Well, congrats on the win.

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I wasn’t going to hold them to it till they kicked Joe off. Oh well.

Joy isn’t off… he’s now Bill , aka joy
You know it as well as me. She’s your daughter

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Missing him so much that you’re delusional.

No you think I miss your idiot, never. He’s back only he’s hiding undercover. He’s a squelcher

Yeah sure, and Gundy’s a championship caliber coach.lol Truly delusional.

Like dave you mean. He just had a decommit. Looks like he will lose a player to kansas.

We lose players to uo and texas.

Championship coach dave lose to ku

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Are you ready to make a prediction for next year?

My way to wat to earlier predictions lol

I know yours not osu.

Your good at that but you have never predict the winner only when you say ou every time. Come on jug your not a genius.

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Well only a moron would think Gundy could ever win the conference again but wondered if you thought there would be any changes? Better offensive line? New coaches? New scandals?

Only an idiot thinks he knows something that has only hold tails.

You do know these " scandels: never pan out.

The shirt deal never changed anything.

Presley is a lil cry baby for not getting played. You know how i know he has a brother here.

When you pick the next team to win the big 12. I mite listen to you

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