Where OSU Football Stands in Way-Too-Early Top 25 Rankings

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OSU is getting some early respect ahead of next season.

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As of right now, I would put OSU in the 15-20 range to start next season.

That ESPN article is awful. They don’t have anywhere near accurate numbers for returning players on many teams. I don’t understand how they employ some of these writers.

Athlon says our o Line is in good shape .
sigh of relief

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Athlon doesn’t keep up with osu LOL.

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But you do @jeff38 stupid azz boy


I kind of like the underdog approach. We started the season unranked and ended up at #7. Not a bad finish. I have always disagreed with preseason polls. I don’t think they should come out until the end of October. Once they put a team in a poll they never remove them. Look at what ESecPN does to promote the sec. Then they play a cupcake late in the season so they don’t get knocked out. Of course if they lose to a top five team they only drop one spot. A top five team from the preseason polls.


I don’t know how they can project anything with the transfer portal the way it is.

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I figured 9. I’m guessing the AP will us about there barring the transfer portal or players leaving. Can’t wait to go to the spring game. I’ve only missed one maybe two since I been 18.

It was a joke . I don’t remember reading anything from them before today .

And u r 20 now.:thinking::thinking::thinking::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lol what a joke Athlon.

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Is there a reason we aren’t targeting any of the offensive lineman or linebackers transferring from Alabama? Or does anyone know if we are?

Sanders and Brown would be awesome gets.

U mean the guys who just entered.
There is a linebacker and a oline Guy.

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There’s quite a few Bama guys in the portal. Hope the staff pushes for a couple of them.

@LoganOSU for what? If they cant make it at Alabama than oSu dont want them

Terrible take.

@LoganOSU Lets take a look back at all the real stupid azz shyt you have said

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Doesn’t mean this isn’t a bad take buster.

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