Who actually still believes?

Who believes Gundy will ever win another conference title?
Who believes Gundy will ever beat Riley?
Who believes Gundy can even make it to the conference championship game?

How many years of not doing something does it take to prove he can’t do it? 5? 10? 20?

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Well I belive!!! It’ll happen this year if Sanders makes enough improvement.




Tomorrow too!!!

Ou with out perkins last year couldnt stop no one.
They r in the same boat this year.
Texas lost 2 of there play makers.
I do think isu will be in the con game but with us.

I stopped believing in Gundy in 2017.

#TeamBuyout FIFY

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He isn’t worth that money.

So u want him out but on his own terms

No, I think we just let his contact expire. It’s an auto renewing extension which we can decide to not extend it another year. So he’d have 4 years left. Then 3 during this summer if we don’t renew it.

Well we u become ad u can end the automatic renewal.
So to end it u need raise money

We didn’t renew last year. His contract dropped from 5 years to 4 years because of it. Just need to keep it up.

I’m telling you, last thing they’re going to do is find someone with enough cash to buy him out. We’re OSU, not Michigan or Tennessee.

Thank god

So who are hiring

So the basketball team didn’t do better the last ap poll has them at 19. Both beat one top 10 team. Bb team only finished 5th

Who am I/We/They Hiring?

Yeah and it’s amazing what HCMB has done to make it feel so much better. It goes a long way to show how bad gundy has lost the fan base considering he’s an alumnus and HCMB is not.


Wrong, it was not that we did not renew, they adjusted the contract based on covid and the issues around the social media stir up and investigation. They just moved the rolling contract down a year and started a new contract. We will not and better not stop rolling it over or the program will be dead in the water with the negative recruiting done because of that. That along with current players running for the portal and even some coaches jumping ship would destroy the program very fast. If they get rid of Gundy it will be done quietly with him “retiring” (ie quietly being bought out). Any other scenario is likely to end VERY badly.


It will never be cheaper to buy him out.
It will never happen cause to many are fine with never making it to conference championship. They underachieved in life and are fine with it in everything else.