Who is Braylin Presley? Comps for the New OSU Commit to Get You Pumped

U were to slow

Tell me again how lucky we are to have the coach who has lost more Bedlam’s than any coach in history. LOL

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He has also coached more bedlam games than any other coach in our history.

And where has that got us? The winning percentage has went down.

I never said u were lucky

I missed something ur lol at ur self. Come on don’t laugh at ur self.u can’t help it.

Looks like you’re right on time!

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What are the other coaches percentage?

But r overall % has gone up.
Were talk over a hundred wins. Ur talking about a handful of games
What 1 win would be back above the other coaches.
6 wins to 500.

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Yes, the overall win percentage for the Pokes in the Bedlam football series has dropped since Gundy took over in 2005. Was 15.8 percent. It’s now 15.6 percent. Gundy has coached 16 Bedlam’s, the most of any football coach in school history. The only coaches on that list lower than Gundy are guys who NEVER won it. That speaks volumes. Whether some of you want it to or not.


Exactly. But people on this blog people
are more excited about the bob simmons days and les miles when we beat ou but go 3 and 7

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To be fair, Bob Simmons was not a good coach, OU was just absolutely putrid in the 90s. Probably their worst decade of football in school history. If Gundy got to play the 1990’s Sooners every year with the teams he has had he’d be beating them at the same rate he’s beating everyone else. Still though, 2 wins in 15 years is pretty pathetic I agree. Also interesting that the guy most consider to be OSU’s 2nd best coach ever never beat em once in 11 tries. Went o’fer.

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Right? Would you rather go 9-3 every year and have a top 5 bowl win % nationally with a 15 year bowl streak but lose to your rival every year (your rival being the school that wins the conference basically every single season over and over again), or would you trade that all for a win against your rival every so often but you finish at the bottom of the league every year? I’d assume most sane people would chose the former.

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I don’t consider Jones to be our second best coach. The reason he ranks so high in most people’s eye is simply longevity. I consider Les Miles to be our second best coach. Maybe the best in terms of accomplishments within time frame. If “in his prime” Miles had Gundy’s 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2017 and 2020 squads, how many conference titles would we have? More than 1, I bet.

I’m not one of those “Just beat OU, who cares if we go 4-8” folks. I’m one of those, “Beat OU and the rest of them.” folks. I want conference championships. Winning the Big 12 championship, and going undefeated is the ONLY way Oklahoma State smashes the glass-ceiling of the Playoff.

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Neither. I want a perfect season ending in a national championship. At least once in my lifetime. I figure I’ve got about 45 more years in the tank. Sadly, I doubt I’ll ever see it.

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I have no idea what to do laugh or cry. Poor travis

You think les was better than jimmy Johnson? Asking respectively

Miles and Johnson are the same guys. Both had a lot of hype. The had nice years. Morally not on the rite side. Used osu as stepping stone. Left us with a bitter taste in r mouth

Agreed. Miles used thugs. And left just like Underwood. In the cloak of night.