Why Can't I Get Excited for College Football?

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Maybe I’m alone in this.

Every single bit of this will immediately go into the rear-view mirror as soon as a viable vaccine is developed and implemented. Until then, absolutely nothing will feel or be the same or anything resembling normal. This world is not going back to that until post-vaccine. But then, it immediately will. This current reality sucks too bad for it not to.

Kyle - you nailed it. I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time. But, it’s also the whole “we may or may not even play” thought that’s still out there. So much is up in the air! I’ve told my family through all of this - I’m SICK of saying, “I don’t know.” But, that’s the answer for so much lately. It’s a drag…
Thanks for sharing what I think so many are feeling!


Cause you’re skurred out of your natural mind! Don’t believe all the B$ they’re feeding us about the Covid juice.

What are you talking about? Am I one of those who would take a vaccine shot if it were proven safe and effective by modern medical science in order to not suffer from a potentially fatal virus that’s already killed 170,000+ people? Uh, yeah. QAnon much? Do us a favor. Just wear a mask.

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I’m going to have a hard time getting excited because I won’t really believe we’re having even this modified season until the WVU kickoff.

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Over the past forty years, there have been times when my expectations were tempered but never my enthusiasm for the new season. This one is definitely different.

Knowing the rug could get pulled out from under us at any point it’s just hard to get excited right now. Maybe that will change if we get 2-3 games in and the season seems to be on track and teams aren’t dealing with players dropping out week to week due to COVID.

If the season actually materializes, maybe it would start to restore some sense of normalcy again. My soul is aching for that about now.

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No! Proven safe in less than a year, yeah, right! Good luck.

As far as importance, I feel like this season is MORE important than any other, not less. We need normalcy in our lives with all of the chaos and circus shows going on around us, and something to get us excited and distracted for a while will be nice.

As far as a drop in excitement due to lack of normal atmosphere, I was worried about the season being boring due to the lack to fan atmospheres surrounding it, but the NBA playoffs have changed my mind. I find myself just as engaged in OKC’s playoff games this year as I did in others. That’s probably attributed to me being more of a follower of the game itself, rather than the theatrics surrounding it.

I don’t think the vaccine will be the thing that ends this. After all, the flu shot does absolutely nothing for preventing the flu. They say it does, but it really doesn’t. People still get it every year even with annual flu shots. The stop in coverage will most likely be purely political (not to say the thing is fake, just that the publicity surrounding it is directly due to politics).

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To clarify what I mean by political, I’m not saying it’s being used to scam Trump out of the office or anything like that. But when they cram cigarette, booze, and fast food commercials and ads down our throats over and over and over with the likelihood of cancer development, heart disease and even things as tragic as DUI-related car crashes being exponentially (and I mean exponentially) more dangerous and life threatening than Covid, it’s obviously not the lives of citizens being lost due to Covid that’s keeping them up at night. It’s something beyond that.

They’ll promote cancer-inducing products until the wheels fall off, but Covid is worth destroying millions of livelihoods over? Doesn’t add up.


Maybe it’s because you feel guilty for trying to destroying OSU Football with your political ideology?



I think a vaccine for Covid is different because it’s for a very specific virus. The Flu vaccines tend to try to guess at what is coming and often is not right. I’m not a doctor but I’ve heard this is the case. It has to be right because it’s on the Internet…right?

I get it. My only counter is that smoking , booze, car crashes, and being fat are typically not overwhelming emergency rooms and hospitals by impacting so many people so quickly. It’s more about how quickly it escalates than anything else. Again, not a doctor but that seems to make sense.

Yes or he isn’t going to get much welcome from OSU .

What’s he doing talking to Dave for anyways trying to get his survey results higher?

I definitely have reserved excitement about the season. Its a multitude of reasons. Will the whole season be played? Is it going to be as political as some of the other sports going on right now? Am I going to get cut in the next company layoff? There’s a lot weighing on people’s minds.

As far as a vaccine and the virus. I’ll take neither.

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I’ve heard this too. But with all the uncertainty that everyone, doctors included, have about Covid it’s hard to know if that is true or not. It seems like every single day they change the narrative on how it spreads, who it impacts most, and how to avoid it. And we’ve been in the middle of it for almost a half year now. It still seems like they know just as much about it now as they did in March.

You can’t get excited about it because more than likely it’s another OU loss and 3rd place or finish or worse for the Pokes.

It’s the journey not the destination. I’ve been excited for plenty of seasons where that was the most likely result.