Why is OSU Football's Projected Win Total in 2023 So Low?

Yeah there is zero chance Gunnar could lead us to over 6.5 wins. He would have to have a Will Howard level of improvement to win 7 games and I just don’t see that in the realm of realistic outcomes.

Let’s tease out your what if. Who are the 6 losses with Gunnar as QB?

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Oh there’s a difference on W totals, but even Gunnar wins 7 given our schedule.

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Well, I don’t think Spencer Sanders really had any good excuses, but you’re missing the entire point. Injuries happen with every team (and if they’re happening more to yours than others, perhaps the training methods need to be examined). OSU today is not OSU of 1992. This program is at the level (or should be) that it should have backups that are as good or nearly as good as its starters. But, when your best o-line recruits are 2-3 stars, then how good do you think the backups will be?

OSU has invested too much money into the football program for its fans or administration to be satisfied with mediocrity. Gundy was the 12th highest paid coach last year. His team should be as equally high in rankings.

I really get tired of guys like you. You would be a genius if we had guys running around with a bunch of sore ankles.
You know i never have had a spanged ankel ive played all the sports, wored rough jobs. Ive seen guys put their jock strap on and get hurt. How does your training team prepare for hand injuries. I was on another site and made a list. The starters miss 80 games. I was listening to 365 sicum out of waco they said 30 guys had been injured. They also bring up that in the texas game we had like 8 guys never played college football.
We were playing alot of 3rd teamers. Our 3rd teamers are not as good as 1st teamers on ku, wv or isu.
There is plenty of evidence that the injuries played a major part. First 7 games we were a top 15 offense. Then against mainly the bottom teams we averaged 22 points less. I mean your comments is like you knew nothing about this team. The injuries were all different stuff.

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T. Boone invested in Okla St football. I haven’t seen much from administration or donors, the millionaires giving much Weeden has a donor for the portal. I have no idea how much is given to it or what they give out

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English, please. I can’t understand gibberish.