Why Oklahoma State Could Be OK in Latest Round of Realignment

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It’s about how good you are and how many will tune in to see how good you are.

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“Why do you think ever-mediocre Texas got the call-up to the SEC?”

Because they have a massive fan base and lots of money. They will have their base watch the game no matter how bad they might be. The SEC and Texas alums are anxiously waiting for a return of being a true blue blood. Not to mention ESPN hanging off their ball sac.

OSU has a coach that embarrasses the university nationwide. Fox doesn’t give them enough air time as is. People are tired of watching Mike Gundy get embarrassed in Bedlam. People don’t tune into bedlam nationwide any longer because they know one coach is incapable of beating the other.

To a someone that doesn’t have a biased towards watching OSU they don’t see it as any different than watching Iowa, Utah, Kentucky, or Texas Tech playing anyone on tv. AAC here we come!!!

Joey’s giving his every man’s logic. If there is any expansion we will be in.

Are you seriously telling me people nationwide can’t wait to watch Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State football?

“To a someone that doesn’t have a biased towards watching OSU they don’t see it as any different than watching Iowa, Utah, Kentucky, or Texas Tech playing anyone on tv. AAC here we come!!!”

I agree that, to the average national fan, we are no different than any of those teams. But you can’t blame that on Gundy. I know you hate the guy but you are seriously deluded.

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I.64 million.do when televised. And 55000 every home game. So yes.

That might seem like a lot to you, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to other teams being televised. Not many people leave their tv in the same channel during a blowout.

Yea 18 teams ahead of us. Ur an idiot

Let joe find r new coach. We will not have a conference plus losing all of r games

Couldn’t beat out Tennessee or Michigan State?

No, we’ll be in the AAC and not playing for anything significant thanks to Gundy hanging around for too long.

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Ur point being. Msu is a good team. Tennessee is like Texas. Abunch of idiots. Tennessee still get 100000 fans at home games.

Sometimes, I am curious as to why you are here, in this blog? If you hate Gundy and the program so much, why are you still here, consuming Cowboy content? I mean no disrespect and I am truly curious to hear your answer. I hope this does not come across as ill willed.

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One would think after consistent failure they would find something else better to do on the weekend.

So you think a record of 27-24 over the last four seasons is considered good? No wonder you gargle Gundy’s marbles.

Do you view Oregon the same way you did before they played ou? That’s why you blame gundy because if he kept us winning at a high level like Oregon then we might be viewed differently.

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Tennessee fans remind me of u.
Delusional an should have their sanity checked
Msu has beat tosu more times then anyone in the league for last to years. I thought that counted for something in ur insane rules.

I believe he likes Osu football or he wouldn’t be on the blog. It’s a gundy thing not an osu thing. You watch a coach do the same thing over and over and over with the same results and not change a thing, it’s just baffling and he calls him out on it.


No, not at all. I love the university and the direction the administration is taking OSU. What I don’t understand is the need to put up with Gundy’s shenanigans and tolerate him much longer than what is needed.

His job at the university is to coach a football team and not draw negative attention. Both of which he’s done and not done recently. He’s not coaching like he used to, and he’s brought negative attention nationally to the program.

Why do we continue to shell out money to this man for mediocre results and negative media attention nationwide? Gundy wants to be a college professor more than a coach. Cool then!!! He can hand over the program to someone that doesn’t accept mediocrity and wants to make OSU a national brand instead of a national embarrassment to the sports world and potential recruits.

Nobody is interested in his opinion politically or socially. We aren’t paying him for that. We are paying him to win games and compete for a conference title. Which as of late he’s proven and even publicly stated that’s not the goal. If that’s not the goal then why is he still there?

He did well for the program at a time and has done nothing but show his incompetence to coach a team to mediocrity. He’s not the same person. He’s probably a good family man and an alright guy in public, but he’s literally turning into Pat Jones. Eventually going to lead the program to a point where we not might be able to return.

What does MSU and Ohio State have to do with Mike Gundy?

The truth of the matter is winning championships comes down to QB play. Every other aspect of the team has improved since 2005, even our recruiting has gone up since 05. But Weeden is the only elite QB we’ve had and we only got him because he was 27 when he came back to football. We are not a blue blood and the top QB’s want to go to Alabama, OU, Texas, and Ohio State. Until you can grab one of the elite QB’s or one that flies under the radar it’s going to be nearly impossible to win a championship. Sanders can’t go toe to toe with Lawrence, Rattler, or Mac Jones. Rudolph couldn’t go toe to toe with Baker, Rudolph cracked in 17 Bedlam Baker didn’t that was the difference and always will be in modern football.