With Game against Pac-12 Foe Upcoming, Gundy Says Big 12 'Ahead' in Battle of Conferences

Originally published at: With Game against Pac-12 Foe Upcoming, Gundy Says Big 12 'Ahead' in Battle of Conferences | Pistols Firing

'I just think that we all realize that, at some point, (the Big 12) is gonna grow. And the Big Ten is gonna grow. That’s what’s gonna happen."

Its all true. The pac 12 took a major hit in the playoff hunt. Jug aka @ar1 has always told us that a team needs a great schedule. Hope he takes a look at how 2 schools with great schedule mite have played themselves out of a playoff spot for the pac 12.

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USC is still alive.

Captain obvious strikes again.

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Yea I agree with you for once. The Chippewas are as hard as a non con that Gundy needs to schedule. He’s not good early in the year. I guess that’s a testament to how good of a coach he is or how he recruits. 1-1 with the o’l mighty Chippewas. Another nail biter coming up with the o’l mighty Arizona state and would not be surprised if we find us in a 4th quarter game. We will be driving up the rankings playing 4th quarter games with nobodies but your girlfriend Michael seems to think it’s a non factor but we will see.

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You know how much respect you get with scheduling soft non con games? About as much respect Oklahoma state has up till this point and that’s very little. I mean your coach had to go on national TV to tell people that we have a brand too.:joy::joy::joy::joy:. Pathetic really.

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What’s your expectations for your team this year?

Your rite we lost a coach and half the team and we are only ranked in the top 12. No one respects us. Why do you waste our time.

Cincy faced 2 ranked teams last year. I see what you mean by tuff schedule. Not


You do know your lying right?

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Got almost all of our offense back and all of our defensive line back. But hey sure buddy.

You are a different duck for sure.

Here’s what it boils down to:

the states represented by the PAC 12 view football as a fun distraction. Cali has Hollywood and Silicon Valley plus the ocean/ beaches. Utah and Colorado have mountains w/ snow which adds Winter Olympics. Arizona has great golf. Oregon has great national park stuff.

Big 12 states treat football as an institution. A daily part of the fiber of everyday life. Texas and Oklahoma eat, breathe, and sleep football. 24/7/365. At every level. Kansas has some of the few remaining 6-man football teams across the country.

We just see football differently. Yormark understands this, I’m sure. Thus we will eventually be the ruination of the PAC 12.


So your saying in the big twelve it just means more?

Congratulations, you just won dumbest fan of the week. Half our football team :joy::joy::joy:.

Lets count the dim wit. Logan two line man running back and a wide out. Thats 5. You still with me.
All 7 of the back end. I know you want to not count taylor but he was a backup to sterling. So thats 7

I know this is where it gets really tricky. Math. 5 plus 7 is 12. So yes your rite i lied 12 is over half. Run with it buddy.

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If we would’ve won the conference title last season and went to the CFP we would probably have been ranked higher.

Yes conf title would have gave us a couple of spots. Not sure we would have gained more then that.

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You forgot special teams.

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If we didn’t have some respect Jeffy we wouldn’t be ranked 12… can you comprehend that ! Losing 12 players and still ranked that high :flushed: you shouldn’t start drinking this early in the day Your math isn’t good anyway, don’t make it worse

Your right if gundy could win conference tittles he wouldn’t have to beg for respect on national tv🤷‍♂️

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