With Illingworth Gone, Cowboys Inexperienced at QB Behind Sanders

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Sanders is the only QB on OSU’s roster who has thrown a collegiate pass.

I think when Gunner comes in the game he’ll do just fine,he does have the Gundy bloodline

Mike Gundy never won a big game as a player.

Kinda like his coaching I guess.

In the 100+ years of OSU football, here are the high points of success:

The end of World War II, Gundy as QB, Gundy as HC. We were basically whipping boys at every point in the century and change of our football existence. If literally the best we’ve ever had to offer is not good enough, then go away. Get on the Bama bandwagon. I’ll buy you a $20 Crimson Tide shirt and you can go make a shrine to Nick Saban.

1989 was a real highlight for me going 4-7 and 3-4 in conference. What a great Sr year for Gundy.

Do morons, such as yourself, carry a bucket around to drool into or do you just expect society to excuse it because you’re an “inspiration” for just getting up each day without crapping in the bed or sticking a fork into a power outlet?

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I’m just glad you remember it a high point of success. LOL :grin::smile::grinning::smiley::grin::smile::grinning::smiley:

Nothing you said contradicted what I said. Go empty your bucket.

4-7 is not a high point of success.

It was for you morons in 2001 since we beat “OU” derrr da derrr I’m Joe and aratard I hate Gundy because he says mean things and still wins football games

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I guess some people aren’t as impressed by wins over McNeese State and Missouri State.

So your content with 4-7 seasons as long as we beat ou got ya

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No I’m not content with 4-7 and I’m not content with comparing OSU to Alabama’s wins when our toughest non-conference schedule team for years is Tulsa. Gundy is overrated as a coach and player. Without Thomas and Sanders, no one would even know who he is.

Lol your wife tried to hit him up again didn’t she

My wife still doesn’t know who he is.

Mhm I’m sure, if he was so overrated as a player why did your beloved Sooners want him during one of their peaks as a program ?

They wanted him real bad but Pat Jones was such a recruiter. You really are a comedian and should take that crap on the road. They had Troy Aikman but really wanted Mike Gundy instead

So they didn’t want him? Your dumbass really believes that :rofl:

You’re saying they were going to replace Jemele Holieway with Mike Gundy after they had just won a national championship?