With Martin Returning, Who Else Has Eligibility?

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2020 made eligibility a fluid term.

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Oh my… I had forgotten about all that. I might been wrong about the team taking a dip next year. I’m wondering how far this will launch the football program the next few years if some of these guys that are recruits or sitting the bench will stay to get some experience for when after the returning players are gone. It seems like every time OU looses players that the next season they barely miss a beat. I mean I know they got depth and some 4 stars but… I see the guys in waiting getting some reps in and waiting their turn. But with the transfer portal and the mentality these young kids have I’m not sure.

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Didn’t Gundy say like 8 were coming back? That’s everyone except one. I’d guess KHP is probably NFL bound.

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No that means all of the starters with eligibility are coming back. M-Rod, Harper, and Homes. So there’s 8 guys with eligibility left and Gundy said all 8 are coming back.

There are 9, though.

If Sills could some how comeback next year Center would be the only O-line piece to replace. That would be huge

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There’s only 11 starters on D. 3 have exhausted their eligibility. 11-3=8

8 is better than none, 11 better too. I hope the other players behind them stay. I’m excited.

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You’re right, there’s 12 guys listed in the article not 11. That’s on me my bad.

No prob, so you think KHP is going pro?

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Could be doing his music thing too.

Almost sounds silly, but we’ll have too many DEs! (Martin, Oliver, Lacy, Walterscheid, Ford, Irby, Latu)

Maybe we can get Brock to take Malcolm’s spot at LB!

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I would think he would be the most likely to go pro, unless someone’s just done with school and not coming back

I’d trade any of them, not to discount any of those guys, for another year with Rodriguez. Best tackler on the team, quite easily! But Cobb, and Martin are both going to be studs!

As for RB Jackson, he most definitely should come back and get more PT. Him and Richardson will both play a lot!

Our offense will be solid next season, all those receivers coming back (except Martin) plus Sanders in his 4th year and RB will still be soild. Hopefully the O-line is good every game!


I definitely believe Sanders can get better. Feel kinda bad for the road bumps he’s had. In way I kind feel like he’s only had 2.5 years. Just hope the offensive line can mature and get better.

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He tested the waters last year. I think he will go. And good luck to him.

Most definitely, his footwork is still weird and needs improving. Watch that next time, he does some weird stuff with his back foot, which is why he’s better throwing whenever they have him rolling out!

I think Lacy will declare as well.

Guess ar1 and joe are to butt hurt about Gundy being successful to come on here and say something positive :rofl: