Would You Rather: Auburn or Oklahoma State?

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Bedlam or Iron Bowl - would you rather have a team that finishes in the top-three of its league annually or wins it once every seven?

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It’s hard to say. If you would have told me before the season that OSU would go 12-2, beat Texas, OU and Notre Dame, I would say great I’ll take it. Of course, it would have been nicer to win the B12 title, but playing Alabama would have been no fun. One of your comments in the article: how many moments do you have in a season.
Season started slow and victories over Baylor and K State seemed ok at the time and got better as the season went along. Beating Texas was big (they still had a winning record when we defeated them). Destroying TCU was unexpected. Bedlam was an epic game. B12 was disappointing to be so close. Notre Dame maybe our best win ever.

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What’s auburns athletic budget?

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Winning a conference title and playing Bama in the CFP is hands down better than getting conference runner up and beating a blue blood all the other blue bloods have no problem beating. ND isn’t nearly respected as much as a program Bama is in the college football world.

I don’t know about rest of you guys. I just think most college football fans and really good high school prospects don’t give two chits about watching regular bowl games any longer. I just think the bowl season has become way too saturated. About the only games anyone is going to be interested in are the NY6 bowls and CFP.

Personally if I’m an outsider looking in (football fan or a high rated recruit) I don’t care to waste my time during the Christmas break watching the Independence or Cheez-it bowl. The attitude with most young kids is going to be “What have you done lately?” and to be quite honest beating good teams on television (consistently) and not getting embarrassed on national television goes a long ways.

I’d rather be Auburn. It’s more respectable to show you’ve played on the biggest stage a couple of times in the past 10-12 years. Not tell a recruit you had to retroactively steal a 1945 national title from Army.

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No Brainer, Auburn.

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Just Auburn wouldn’t u like to be any body beside osu. Heck I’m sure u would rather be Wyoming.

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Did u enjoy the bb ban because that’s what Auburn works for.

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You just said in your comments that the only games people are interested in are the CFP and NY6 games. OSU played in NY6 game! It’s called the Fiesta Bowl. Thanks for mansplaining your philosophy of who you think watches bowl games and their interest level. I don’t know what I would have done today without your expert insight. Yeah going to the CFP and getting stomped by Alabama would have made for great memories.


If OSU could beat OU and Texas every year but only finish second that would be a difficult decision. However, since we haven’t won a title in 10 years I would take 10 straight bedlam wins in a heartbeat.

AU went undefeated in 2004, won NC in 2010, played for one in 2013, 3 conference titles, and has played in multiple other NY6 level bowls. And they have beaten Bama quite a bit. This article is just kind of dumb. Like, really dumb.


I’d rather be auburn to, almost 80,000 fans and money at your disposal. Wonder why we couldn’t get that here?

Very dumb article meant to only throw shade at Gundy not the whole picture

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It’s a fair thought. OSU averages a half-win more than Auburn and we don’t have an extra fluff game each year like the SEC does.

I’m biased but I think it’s a tough question to answer - would I rather be a game or two out of winning the league most years or have a combination of losing records or trips to Atlanta/the playoff?

I think the underrated aspect is when you have the talent Auburn does each year, you expect it. I enjoyed Rudolph & Washington but not winning 12 games those three years that OSU won 10 was a big disappointment. I think that’s a bit of the Auburn existence that I’m not interested in. I loved watching the 2021 team snuck up on me.

At least Wyoming produced a QB that starts for an NFL time currently. We haven’t produced one since Weeden was drafted.

Baylor has played in four NY6 bowls since 2014. We’ve played in two. Beating ND in an NY6 bowl is a step in the right direction. You also must’ve not read where I put the word consistently in there. We might want to do that more than once every 10 seasons if we want to get recognition. I never once complained about winning that game. That’s only what you and others have perceived.

Are you worried about memories or future progress for OSU football so you can have better moments? We have a hard enough time beating OU and winning a conference title. Not sure what difference it really makes for you.

Yep!!! And I’d rather be 7-10 against OU instead of 3-14. Even Malzahn went 3-5 against Saban and still got fired.

Wyoming has had 1.ever.
So first u got to come up with the money to buy out gundy. Then have more money ever 4 years for a new coach. And give up wins not be bowling either because of ban or losing.

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When was the last time an Oklahoma State QB outside Brandon Weeden started for an NFL team? And who said I wanted to get rid of Gundy? I just want him to be better in the bigger moments. When you have a QB that can run and your star HB isn’t playing you don’t continue to do the same exact thing. Especially when a championship is on the line.

We are not going to win a National Title. You are delusional. Ou is leaving the conference because they cannot compete with the blue bloods staying in the B12. It’s going to get worse when they leave. The B12 will not have as much recognition when OU leaves. College football is changing and the gap between the blue bloods and everyone else is going to widen from a canyon to a chasm. But Coach Joe, you keep believing….

Mason Rudolph is 5-4-1 as a starting NFL qb. Have you ever heard of google? It’s a neato device to find info without asking embarrassing questions.