WVU Beats Baylor

Does this devalue our Baylor win? Granted, our game was at Baylor and Baylor lost a Thursday night game in Morgantown, not an easy road game.

@ar1, you want to come defend your Bears and your hero, Dave Aranda?


Not to me, since i was that high on baylor or isu.

Every body has pointed out the players we lost. No one made in stink about there play makers lost.

Tcu is another team i picked like 9th. They are better then 9th. But, they havent played anyone. As long as we play our game its another double digit win.

Baylor is looking even worse next year. Both their lines will be leaving.

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In terms of the national media perspective, I would say yes. Our best win thus far is now a 3-3 team that lost to a mediocre WV team and will be unranked in both forthcoming polls. Combine this with a loss to TCU and the narrative will be that OSU was overrated and will plummet in the polls.
Of course, in terms of season goals, a win is a win no matter who the opponent is and a conference win is one step closer to the goal of returning to Jerry World for the CCG.

I think you’re right. National media has been looking for any excuse to discount us. A loss at Fort Worth isn’t a bad loss, but people will say we haven’t beaten anyone. I think the Baylor win is a big win and looks smaller now that they’ve dropped two of the worst road games you can have. Late game in Provo, Thursday night game in Morgantown. Rough scheduling for the “wHy DoN’t We ScHeDuLe AlL bLuEbLoOdS?” Crew. Because Baylor is out of contention for pretty much everything after 6 games.


How many conference titles did Gundy have in his first 3 years? Heck how many conference titles does Gundy have now? If Aranda were to stay 17 years, I guarantee he would have more than 1. 1 in 17 years is pathetic.
Everyone keeps asking why OSU doesn’t get respect, that’s why. Most years they are going to be bowl eligible but not a threat to win the conference.
Even if Gundy were to win this year, 12 more years to win a third? Lol

Were finding that dave had alot of luck last year
Next year their losing most of the 2 lines. Its not getting better.
Dave will take you to the brimingham bowl.


If he wins one in the next 14 years, he’ll have won more than Gundy.

I want to see if he can have winning record next 2 years.


16 straight winning seasons drops you in the polls when you win if you don’t have conference titles to back it up.

Dude you kill me. That because when in the big 12. I dnt care if we get passed by teams that will drop before we do.
Go get with your coaches. Mel, matt and dave.
Michigan state will have a losing record and their paying him more then gundy.

Get over your chit. When you can make coherent prediction come back on here. You and you daughter just look at a hot team.

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Come back when Gundy win more than 1 conference title in 17 years. The only thing more pathetic than Gundy is you.

Lol rite jug. Coming from the guy who every falls apart for him. Go away loser

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That doesn’t seem to happen in the SEC. They have plenty ranked every week and outside of Alabama, there are might not be any coaches with more than 1 and a lot with zero.


How many of those loosers have been at one of those schools 17 years?

Even though Gundy has found a way to loose 14 Bedlams, I’ve found a way to make most of them a win.

Mark stoops is at Kentucky going on 10 years. He makes almost as much as gundy. Has multiple losing season only 2 10 win seasons. If he does get his qb back he wont do much this year.
You talk about alot of stuff and your always wrong.

Like bedlam Tennessee is looking for their first win over saban. How long has saban been at Alabama.

Gundy has saved osu millions from buyout payments how much has Auburn payout since gundys bren here. Look at ku, they’ve spent a chit load.


Funny you would mention Auburn. 1 national title, 2 conference titles and 7 wins against Alabama in the last 17 years.

Look at KU, we’ve had one more 12 season than KU in the last 17 years.

Don’t follow the SEC closely, but they hire coaches from other programs they have not won championships. With this analogy, only Ohio St and Alabama have elite coaches. Everyone else in B1G ( including Ferentz at Iowa) is an afterthought. Harbaugh has one title and that was last year. ACC only Sweeney has won more than one off the top of my head.

So not many good coaches in college football🤷‍♂️

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SEC. Georgia won 2, Florida won 2 Auburn won 2 LSU has won 3.

Big 10 Wisconsin won 3, Michigan State won 3 , Penn State won 3 Michigan won 1

ACC Florida State won 4, Virginia Tech won 3, Wake Forest won 1 Pittsburgh won 1

Thats nice, how many 10 win season. Heck how many winning season has ku had since gundy.

Yea auburn is probably the most illegal program a float.

I see you had nothing to say about Tennessee and their rival game.