Xavier Benson, Ollie Gordon Share Optimistic Messages on Social Media Amid Transfer Chaos

Originally published at: Xavier Benson, Ollie Gordon Share Optimistic Messages on Social Media Amid Transfer Chaos | Pistols Firing

This is great to see.

It’s good to see, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon jumped into the portal. Hope he doesn’t

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It is great to see, from the players. My question is, why hasn’t ANY of the coaching staff, and to be more clear, MIKE GUNDY said one single thing about this, or one single word of reassurance or explanation to the fans, who pay his multi-million dollar yearly salary? Tired of that dude playing keeper of the castle and Lord of the information. He owes people a response. This is not a good look for him, at all.


Lol sure. Your just see what you want.

First its easy to get vaught up on Twitter.

Second if you havent notice they are hitting the portal. Oh yea the guy that many of you thinks he hates. Its a tool and he is using it.


I’d be more surprised than I would’ve been yesterday

Because when you feel like your bigger than the program you don’t need to talk to the petty fan base. Why doesn’t he go on sports talk shows when Tu and ou coaches allways do. He’s allways the smartest man in the room. He’s a really bad leader and that’s just facts. Don’t worry, when he goes 3-0 agingst Murray state and others in non conference he will be back to being friends with reporters like always. Same dog and pony show. don’t like who is as a coach and leader and I know the majority of fans feel the same way i mean how can you not.


But I would like to know what the plan of action the coaching staff has :joy:. O wait we wont ever know because the head football coach doesn’t want to talk to the petty fans that pays his bills. F that guy I’m sorry. They don’t even know who the coaches are going to be.:man_facepalming: Coming from a transfer that has been on the team for only two years and a kid that’s played running back for one year. Get the guy out of here. Hope nobody shows up to the games in protest of him being so distant from the fans.

Lol you act like traber to lil prima dona


:man_facepalming: You only had 9 words to spell right and you still failed.

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Gundy needs people like you, but unfortunately you won’t be enough for him to get an good approval rating.

Why would he want idiots approval. You bring nothing to the table.

When god was handing out brains you thought he said brains. You said your fine.

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Well you approve him so he’s got the idiots approval.

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Omg! What the hell did you just say🤦‍♂️ Or mean? I just can’t understand what the heck your ever talking about.

I think what you meant was…,when god was handing out brains you thought he said trains :man_facepalming:

This is exactly right!!! Some of his remarks and attitude on certain things points in this direction. Nobody should be surprised by it. This has become a theme the last few years. It’s the attitude of “It’s my way or the highway!!!”. That’s fine to do when you’re actually winning something major on a consistent basis. I don’t think it’s wise to have that attitude when you rank 5th in the current conference when it comes to conference titles and have only a couple of NY6 bowl wins to your name going into year 19.

Rumor also has it that we were able to raise the money and talk Sanders into staying on board and Gundy basically told him we don’t need him. If his name was Nick Saban then sure say whatever the phuck you want. You can do that to an extent when you become a legendary college football coach. Gundy isn’t even close to being in the same category. That’s partially the fan’s fault as well. There are so many of them out there that have become content with just making a bowl game and even holding this attitude that Gundy doesn’t have to be held accountable for anything. Even the season Mack Brown got fired he said in a media day himself “It’s my responsibility for the stability of the program and I’ve got to do a better job”. Dude won a national title and played for one twice and says that. Then here you have Gundy threatening people just because he doesn’t like some questions?

I’ll agree the dude has done a good job of building the program but recently has acted like he’s more important than the program. What’s even crazier is there are actual fans out there that would rather keep him around and inflate his pay and ego more even if the dude went .500 or less. It’s absolutely insane!!!


Im wondering do you know your just repeating yourself. Or is it just a new day for you.

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:clap: touché

Did you notice that everyone liked Jon’s post (including Michael) and not yourself? So tell me who the odd man out is on this one? Sometimes I have real difficulty trying to understand if you’re acting like an idiot or if it just comes natural to you. I actually thinks it’s the latter here.

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Dude i know its dnt an act with you. You go on and on wanting me to answer questions that have been answer or wouldnt have been asked by a sane person.

Im not sure if if you really think there are only 7 people in the world, not actually 6 billion.
Do you have troubles with any numbers.

First off im not a dimwit like you that believes everything on Twitter or sports talk shows.

Second if a coaches isnt yell at chit players like both the Johnsons for not making catches.
Some of the stuff you guys go on about is stupid. Like when you gurls want gundy to be a yell leader. Some of the best coaches never blink. Tom landry.
I have seen gundy run up and down the field yell the the refs.
When you got places like traber, pfb and the oklahoman do chity those to you, no you really want to help them.

Another idiot moment for you, i guess we aren’t the same person.

One thing i know we have scholarships and gundy will go get players. Itll be the best stillwater can get. And they will want to be cowboys not the lil chits who have left.

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Say what?

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