10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 28-13 Loss to Oklahoma

Ou hadn’t done shiit since the first quarter. Time is becoming your enemy and you’re in their territory. You don’t win bedlam doing that shiit. White flag :cat: game calling.

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You said it uo had none nothing. No matter which way we needed two scores. We got the ball back in good time. Give the ball around the 50 could have lead to at least a fg. I know it looks cool with all these coaches going on 4th down and some have good numbers. But. 4th quarter 4th downs dnt have good numbers.

Give the ball over on 4th down late is give up. Who gives up in the middle of the quarter trying for 9 yards. Thats pathetic logic.

@eric14 lol you said 247 lies then you quote them.

The rankings arent done done of them will be in the top 25. 2 reasons why were down is we cant take alot of recruits were at 11 now. Also the give punters terrible numbers. We have a punter.

I agree that 247 may not have all the offers, which is not what you meant. Your think we are givivg blank offers is stupid. A team that does that have over 200 offers.

I bet you think its gundy keeping high recruits away from stillwater.

If a player doesnt want to get a good degree why would kids go to school like northwestern, vady, stanford, even with religion going down noter dame.
How many 4 stars are on those teams like baylor tcu and tech. Full of numbers. How many transfer will tech take in with 26 scholarship out already.
Yes you educated how many people.

And you asked me what Monken did after the 2011 team. I told you he gave us the 3rd best offense in the nation. Yet, your telling me the only reason he’s any good at Georgia is because of their talent :man_shrugging:.

:point_up_2:t2:I agree with this. Being down 28-0 to a .500 team after one quarter when you’re supposed to be a top 25 team is fuucking embarrassing. Gundy wasn’t screaming “we have a logo too” after that performance on national television.

You ignored the question could any of the other oc do the same as monkey in 2011.

I ha no idea why it matters how high the offense was in 2012. Corndog by many is the worst qb ever. He was top 5 passing and top 10 offense. It weird how you come on here crying and think your intelligent.

I hear guys on here cry about chit all the time
Pick another coach then that coach goes to the crapper.

Why is sanders hurt there been like 10qb get hurt in the big12 you real are a winner

Really? You have no idea? You’re literally chitting on the only OC that was a part of the best team we had, and then when I mentioned he gave us the 3rd best offense in the country the very next season you went into dead silence. So which one is it? Does the guy know offense or not?

I dnt know does he. Your count pic 6 offense so do you. I just point out how good our offense was in 2018. With a true walkon
We have had ranked offense. You keep repeating. You can like monkey, its fine i want to know could any of our other oc got the 2011 offense to that level of talent.

Bob Simmons would have beat OU. #Gundy sucks.

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If you actually go look for one I’m sure they’re out there. That’s the key here. You have to go search for one first.

No comprehension.

I was ask no to find an oc.

My question was with the talent monkey, could any of our oc done what he did. It was packed full of talent. Make monkey your guys hero

The only coach to beat Monken in total offense outside 2011 was Mike Yurcich in 2018 (2nd in offense nationally). What a lot of people forget is that Tylan Wallace was on the 2018 team and the best receiver OSU had in 2012 was Josh Stewart.

Wow bill no wonder your crying you dnt even understand simple questions. Lets do this slower. Dnt think about coaches. Just players. Which year had the most talent of any gundy teams.

How about this? Which coordinators did Gundy have for his two best seasons?

Dunn was one.idiot

Dunn was the OC when Gundy had his best defense EVER. Try a little harder next time.

Speaking of knowles lol. Gave up 45 to michigan. Not sure tosu had a defense out there.
They brought him in to fix there defense gave up 3 mor points. This year to Michigan.

Michigan only scored 45 on only one big 10 team that was Rutgers.

It’s his first season. Were you complaining about him last season? Oh wait…yes you were. You were complaining about his defense giving up 17 passes in a row in one half of football while the offense found ways to struggle throughout the 2021 season. You wouldn’t know what a good coach is because you:

  1. Have never seen one

  2. Ignore it even if it’s in front of your face

You’re exactly the same as your butt brother Michael. You allow one game to define a coach while making the hypocritical claim that you look at consistency :man_shrugging:.

Dude your an idiot. Knowles first year. He has 4 and 5 star athletes on his 12th game. Michigan got there big 10 max offense. Your always with the excuses.

You dnt even listen to yourself. Go to the mirror and you will see what a loser cry baby looks like.

From 51st to 12th. I don’t care if you have 4 or 5 star players. That’s an hell of improvement in one year, and no matter how much you think Knowles might suck it’s idiotic to think that he’s not a good DC based off a game or two throughout the season. If he isn’t the DC for OSU last season Gundy isn’t making the Big 12 title game. That’s the reality.