Audio, Transcript of Mike Gundy's Statements on COVID-19 Pandemic

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(Almost) everything Mike Gundy said on Monday in a conference call.

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Stir that pot

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I’ve listed to the entire 20 minute opening and copied the transcript into a Word document. It is nearly 4 pages long in Times New Roman 12 pt font and default margins. The post above does not contain “almost everything” Gundy said (although the link to the Oklahoman does). The Q&A that followed the opening statement is not included. After listening/reading all I could, I remain very disappointed with how PFB handled this yesterday and continues today. Did Gundy use some phrases that are politically radioactive unnecessarily? Yes. Do I wish he had said a few things differently? Sure. Did he say anything that indicated he did not care about the health and well-being of his staff and players? Not at all. Did he communicate that his organization is preparing for the time when in-person activities can resume? Yes - with some aggressive optimism. Did it sound like he was interested in preserving his own income at the expense of health and safety? Absolutely not - sounded like he was looking out for others more than himself.

I have tried to be cautious and non-bombastic with my criticism of the two key PFB articles. And while I am not always successful at it, I want my comments to be consistent with this - “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18). Anyone else want to join me?


Really well said. Just copy and paste these for me, too!

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I agree 100% with Alum in Arizona. Disappointed in Pistols firing for their take. The national media took a quote out of context. Gundys take wasnt near what ESPN writers have said. Haven’t you learned Kyle Porter and even Carson and Boone. Fake news everywhere just for clicks. Destroy reputation for clicks. I’m not saying that is your intent but fake news is spread like this everywhere. Intent or not. Same with politics.

Fake news everywhere? I don’t even know what to say to this. It’s a real quote that was actually said by Mike Gundy. It came out of his mouth into a telephone yesterday.


@kyleporterCBS, while it is a bit inflammatory, I think the “fake news” comment is worth considering when a single quote is taken out of context of the full statement. The transcript of his opening is over 3700 words. It is full of deference to medical experts and established guidelines. Not a single comment insinuating that he intends to violate the guidelines issued at national, state, university, or conference levels. Let me see if I can find a few quotes that might put his other quote in context…

“So for me, I’m really proud of the people of Stillwater and Payne County. Obviously statewide, our doctors, nurses, first responders — I’ve had some videos that have gone out on that — food providers for supply carriers, all the different people that have been talked about by a variety of people over the last two to three weeks.
“I’ve watched this really close. I don’t pretend to be a doctor. But when you get up early in the morning, and there’s not a lot to do, so you start to read and study and realize all the people that have been impacted, and people that are on the frontlines fighting this in a different way than others, I’m very appreciative. We all are very appreciative and supporting all those different people."

“I think it’s important that we continue to stay safe."

But I think we have to follow what the President says. We stay our distance, continue to stay home, unless we really need to be out. You know, the washing hands, don’t touch face."

“So you know, we’re gonna flatten this curve. You know, it’s already kind of starting a little bit. We’re seeing across the country where people have gotten it — the hotspots worse than us. The curve’s gonna flatten so we can get our state back to work. So, we just continue with our safety measures to give us the best chance to to get back to work and get back to the normal daily operation as soon as possible."

“Now, I know medical professions have to keep the danger out there so people will stay home. I’m not disagreeing with that.”

“Our players, our players are doing very well. Our administration asked me to keep the players at home if possible, if they have somewhere to be that they were safe, because it was better that they would be home with family versus being on campus. So, we have around 105 players that are here in the spring and we only have three that are here on campus right now. So, we as a football staff that follow those guidelines. Our players are home."

“So far, we’re safe. They’re home taking care of themselves. I’m hoping that they’re following the safety guidelines."

“Our medical staff, John Stemm, Scott Parker, they’re in touch with our players consistently. They’re getting information on the virus, on how to stay safe just like you guys are, things to look for. Those that were injured had surgeries and needed to be rehabbed and or the players that just had an injury that were in a rehab format, they have all that information. I was told that every one of them have the ability to rehab just like they would if they were here at whatever location they are. So, those guys have been with me — Stemm and Parker — have been with me, the majority of their medical staff, for a long, long time. So, I have a lot of faith in them and what they’re doing, and I don’t have any question and all that’s being taken care of.”

“So, there’s a lot of smart people that are going to figure this out. May 1’s our goal. I don’t know if it’ll happen.”


The direct quote isn’t where the “fake news” comes in. It’s taking a quote, one that you knew good and well what was intended by it, and purposefully flipping it around using certain segments and then falsely claiming that his intentions were opposite of what they actually were. Even a “Gundy’s words came out wrong, and for that he needs to clear up his intentions” is fine. But using personal opinion to flip what you know was intended by him to sound like the opposite is where it becomes” fake news”. Personally sabotaging his character (well, trying to, the more popular blogs such as barstool made a much bigger dent in his reputation than this site ever could), by taking certain parts of a quote and using it as false context is “fake news”.

This article isn’t “fake news”. This is factual, and is inching closer to the proper way a sports blogger should cover a situation (it’s ironic but you should probably ask Marshall for pointers). It should have been what you posted yesterday. What you chose to post yesterday was “fake news”.


My entire point is that what he should have said is what Josh Holliday and Mike Boynton have said. Our goal is to keep players safe. We’ll resume when we resume, but that’s not what we’re focused on right now. We’re planning, and we’ll reveal that plan at a time when it’s more appropriate. People are fearful and anxious, and I have been there myself. I remain optimistic about the future, but I’ll defer to our leadership and the people who know a lot more about this than I do.

Gundy thinks he has a license to run the university, and he very much does not.

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There is a lot going on here, but I’ll leave it at this … Gundy doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore.

Also, every quote you’ve ever read in every story online is out of context, it’s just a matter of how close it matches up to what was originally intended (like you noted). I thought I got close to matching Gundy’s general position on this stuff (which is not great).

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“There is a lot going on here, but I’ll leave it at this … Gundy doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore.”

Unfortunately Kyle, you also no longer get the benefit of the doubt from us (the internet) anymore either.

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This is a fair position!

I think that’s the worst of what he said. Some of it was overly ambitious but that part especially is just out of touch.

I think Gundy is an optimist and has nothing for which to apologize. He responds as he feels best. You journalists or whatever you call yourselves, complain about coach speak and then point fingers like a petulant child when something is spoken outside your pre-conceived self promoting line of thought; both to the benefit of click volume. He and Holder don’t see eye to eye? :smirk::joy::mask: I’m shocked. What I wouldn’t be shocked about, is Gundy giving you the cold shoulder. I enjoy Pistols Firing, bit I wonder now if you’ve put its future in jeopardy. Your bread is buttered by OSU football. You should know better.

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Again, he is talking about starting over 3 weeks from now. We are 2 weeks into a stay-at-home that was supposed to last about 2-3 weeks, 4 weeks max. Him being optimistic about being able to start 2 weeks past that point, yet still taking action to protect students and staff in the process should not be nearly this controversial to anyone.


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PFB will be around longer than Gundy.

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The Chamber

Mike Holder on Mike Gundy’s Timeline: May 1 Seems ‘A Little Ambitious’

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Mike and Mike do not agree.

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“May 1st seems a little ambitious.”

WOAAAAHHHH hold the phone, what a statement! Boy, did he have to do some work to backtrack from Gundy’s statement. Holder clearly seems deeply disturbed by Gundy’s lack of compassion, and it really shows in this hard hitting quote. Hopefully, Gundy can recover from this intimidating statement from his employer.

This is the first time gerald has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!



Gundy, OSU and Holder all acknowledge that they will start when the relevant authorities give clearance for them to resume football activities. Gundy’s goal of May 1 seems aggressive to Holder is not a monumental issue for Gundy or Holder, so let’s not use it to double down on your position. Throughout this several members of the press have chosen to ignore Gundy’s caveat that smarter people and health officials, etc have the final call when they can begin. Sure has the appearance of controversy for clicks.




Gundy’s timeline probably is ambitious but not totally out of the question. I would rather have a coach that is planning and ready when they get clearance rather than one that gets caught off guard and was unprepared.
I know I’m contributing to another “click bait” article but I’m going to follow suit and double down to Porter’s doubling down.
Gundy is the CEO of the football department and he outlined his plan for his employees & players which is to require and pay for every person to be tested before they return to work or practice which is a textbook way to control the spread of the disease. Anyone that gets sick gets isolated, tested and stays isolated from everyone else until they recover. I ask, how many of you think your employers are planning or will implement a similar strategy? Is PFB, CBS, ESPN, or any of you other “arm chair epidemiologists” planning to do this? Lots of naked people claiming the Emperor has no clothes!



Just following all the various commentary/comments from main stream media outlets to the die hard Cowboy fan is a great illustration of differently folks can receive a message and how different that can be from what was intended to be communicated …basically a 50/50 chance what’s intended actually occurs …that said, I am very very surprised Gundy chose that setting to pontificate on such a sensitive topic …regardless how individually a person may feel about Gundy’s comments …IMO …universally most folks would agree ‘good judgement’ …was not demonstrated by Gundy here …

We don’t need Gundy’s permission to cover OSU football.


Kyle- first time post and enjoy all that you do. You are right that no person that runs a business/organization should have said this publicly at this time (poor judgement), but I find the opinion articles to be a little too strong. Gundy is early in expressing an opinion that is likely grow over the next couple months as people start to weigh cost/benefits on an individual vs. collective basis. By this I mean that younger people will understand the odds are generally in their favor and will choose to resume life with some modifications to limit risk. Doesn’t mean his view will become a consensus (or is right), but it wouldn’t surprise me to see a strong following. Playing football with no fans (while isolating players to limit infection risk) falls in this category.

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