Bryce Thompson Transfer Thread [FOOD Edition]

If I’m OU, that’s pretty much exactly what I’d try to pull, too. Probably won’t work – and it’s certainly not all that appealing – but let’s be honest: it’s caught his attention. He’s on an official visit to Oklahoma State and now all he’s done this morning is tweet about this attention storm he’s getting. Mission accomplished for OU. I bet OSU is pissed about it.

The Rod Thompson and Keiton Page relationship goes back to KP senior HS year.
Rod Thompson ‘formed’ the PWP program on the courts of First Methodist Church-Tulsa. My son was in the program. AAU games are regularly played there and KP was regularly playing there prior to his OSU career. I regularly saw KP and RT talking along with little BT and watching the AAU games… ie…they have always had a long established relationship …hopefully, it translates to BT coming home to Stilly!


Big shot out to my rec league team there!

That’s pretty cool. As a former PWPer myself, that story makes me feel ancient. Program has been around a lot longer than I thought.

Correct. Their relationship predates anything with OSU.

Rondel Walker and Matthew Stone are also in GIA today.

Any updates or new knowledge of how the weekend shaped up for Bryce?

dude if you ever need a big, let me know. would love to play.

Have to think UNC presumably getting Love, and KU being under fire helps OSU with Thompson??


It does. Not sure how much, though. I think he’ll have a committable offer at UNC regardless. The KU situation is a little more complicated. Have to think he’d want that scandal to be more clarified before he made a decision. It’s going to hurt KU in recruiting.

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In Marshall Levenson’s report on Davis’ decommitment, he mentions that Bryce canceled his remaining OV’s to Michigan State and Arkansas.


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I don’t think it’s all that surprising he cancelled on those. Someone I talked to this past week said MSU had faded, and Arkansas was never really in it. (He also OV’d to MSU last year.) So it’s OU, OSU, KU and UNC as we’ve kind of expected.

Kyle - OU ain’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love to UNC…

Do you know how many spots UNC has for this next class? Does Love committing ruin UNC’s chance at a Bryce/Cade duo?

I don’t want to do a victory lap with an I told you so, but … this tidbit from Rivals kinda confirms what I’ve heard lately re: Bryce.

“At one point in time, I believed that the Cowboys would only land him if they were also to get Cade Cunningham, but now I might be siding with the idea that they have a better chance if Cunningham were not to enroll at the Big 12 program. Regardless, Oklahoma and OSU are now the two to watch for Thompson. who will likely sign this fall. However, I am not entirely knocking the Jayhawks out of contention.”

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That’s 2/3rd’s correct info from Rivals!

He’s not going to OU…

When will he announce for the Pokes?