Fire Gundy Nonsense

So I have seen a lot of people talking about whether or not they like or trust Gundy to turn things around. Personally I like Gundy, although I disagree with some of his choices I think he is the best coach that OSU has ever had. I am interested in hearing others thoughts not only on why you think he should not be the coach, but who would replace him? Who can OSU get that would be able to be as consistent as Gundy?

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People are all in on the fire Gundy train, until you ask who the replacement should be. That’s where things go silent.


Only person that excites me, and I could see wanting to come would be Todd Monken.

Luke Fickell, Gus Mahlzan, Willie Fritz, Brent Venables, Todd Monken would all be worth looking at.

Graham Harrell would be another one to look at.

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Ryan Silverfield of Memphis. There’s your replacement.

If we were looking today, Jeff Traylor at UTSA would be my first call.

I’m having a tough time figuring out what is so nonsensical about the idea.

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I’d call Eric Bieniemy. He isn’t getting a call in the NFL.

Im not saying it’s nonsensical, I just hadn’t heard anyone offer an idea of who it should be. I know people are tired of losing Bedlam, but Im not sure what coach is going to be able to recruit and get people into OSU better than Gundy.

That’s why they are where they are because he/they are not recruiting well enough.

I can only speak for the school I am associated with… but he/they have recruited about as poorly as any program that has recruited or visited the school since he became the head coach.

There’s more to be had but Cowboy football fans don’t demand more or have higher expectations.
Until that changes… mediocrity is the modus operandi unfortunately.


Baaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Never call robert stupid ever again. I don’t care if he spells his name with a 4 and a comma, nothing he ever says will be as stupid as this post. And you said it with such confidence! Probably while peeing your pants.

Eric Bienemy! Why not Nick Saban? Man. Thank you, Thomas. This question has truly revealed the clowns.

Continue to throat Gundy for all I care. You evidently don’t think much of the university. “We’re just lil ole Oklahoma State, we shouldn’t have any expectations or desire to improve.” You accept this garbage because you’re content with things being mediocre, just like your wife most likely is.

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Wow. Let it rip. He really hurt u. It’ll be ok.

I don’t think enough of our university? If you’re a graduate, I’m not thinking very highly of our academics right about now.

This is you: We should fire Gundy because he a.) peaked in 2011 b.) couldn’t beat his rival and c.) couldn’t win his conference.
Somehow also you: Let’s hire Gus Malzahn.

This is you: Gundy hasn’t evolved this offense. He hasn’t innovated in ten years.
Somehow also you: We should hire our OC from ten years ago.

I’ve long suspected that you guys just throw out whatever complaints you think can be crammed into this week’s game, but those two thoughtless suggestions in particular prove you don’t actually believe what you say or know what you’re talking about.

At least three of the guys are gettable and somewhat fit the mold of what you’d want in a new coach, but then you said Venables. That’s not QUITE as stupid as Eric Bienemy, but you’re thinking a stellar coordinator from a top 2 team in the country, the highest paid coordinator in the country, is coming back to the conference where he was often frustrated due to the offensive talents he faced weekly, a shaky Power 5 conference at a small market, overlooked school? Living in a fantasy world. Why not Dabo himself if Venables turns us down? Saban? Meyer? Why do you think so little of our school? On top of that, is defense our biggest concern currently?

Let’s not talk about wives. Put your mom on so I can talk to an adult.

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You think suggesting Eric Bieniemy is funny? You don’t think he’s qualified? The most successful OC in NFL the last 4 years and in a league that has a rule that minorities have to be interviewed, he got zero interviews for the 7 opening this year. Doug explains it better than me. Doug Gottlieb: “I talked to three different people in three different front offices last night and I was trying to figure out ‘What’s the deal?’ No one disliked Bienemy, there was nothing in a background check that wouldn’t let you hire him, and there was nothing in regards to somebody you didn’t enjoy the conversation with. Nobody was like ‘I CAN’T WORK WITH THIS GUY.’ But it was interesting because with each different job that I had spoken to somebody about, it felt like the way in which it was described was that it wasn’t that he wasn’t prepared, or that he didn’t have a general plan, it was just that he didn’t have a lot of details to it… I don’t think anyone wants to hire a coach because social media told them to hire a coach, but I don’t think that’s an issue of why he hasn’t gotten a job yet. If people understand the level of preparedness it takes for each of these interviews and the level of detail that most of these places would like to require… Is Dan Campbell a ‘rah-rah’ guy, yeah, but you also have to factor in that the Detroit Lions don’t know who their quarterback is going to be, they had a head coach who thought he knew more than everybody, hadn’t played, and everybody disliked him. So what do you do? You bring in a guy who everybody likes, HAS played, and who just has great positive energy, as was the case with the press conference. Nick Cirianni spent time with Andy Reid too, but the difference was that he was with Frank Reich, who was the one guy who really connected with Carson Wentz, and this was all about Carson Wentz. Every guy I talked to about Bieniemy was like ‘he was good and I can see him becoming a head coach, it’s just for us there wasn’t a lot of detail, and I think it might be because he’s doing too many interviews while still having his other job.’… I would say that’s what’s holding him back from a job. It’s a little bit like Trump for the last six months of his presidency talking about how he has a ‘plan’ for healthcare and he never released it. That’s a little bit like what they felt like with Bieniemy in terms of he had the ‘ideas’ of a plan, but did not seem to have a plan on how to implement that, or in comparison to how the others he was competing against.”

Well that part about nothing in his past is bs. He was a thug in college. But, Jug that’s rite up ur alley.
We already tired a guy from Colorado in that area.

Well you’re right, I don’t want Gundy gone till after OU leaves. I want to have that sure thing Bedlam bet.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous. He’s a highly regarded coordinator. He wants an NFL position. I don’t think he’s taking any college position, let alone OSU.