Instacap: Oklahoma State Falls to Iowa State 24-21

All I’ve done so far is talk about the game.

It’s Joey he just is smart enough to know.

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Too bad Warren was shutdown and everyone in Iowa knew what we were going to call with Warren. What we were doing was going to eventually get stopped unless the offensive line got a lot better to impose our will. I’m a RPO guy personally. I’d like to see our Zac Robinson, Walsh, and Chelf offense again with our defense we have.


32 dive, ready break…

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Does anyone want to venture a guess what Gundy will say in the post game?

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We were just av-ruge today, didn’t get the job done. Coaches didn’t make good adjustment. Gotta look at the film, put behind us, and practice hard next week. Rinse. Repeat.


Sanders is not good. I don’t care what his final numbers shows. He is terribly inaccurate and we’ve become so one dimensional because he is so bad.

What? I thought you said we were going to be 8-0 heading into November? Thanks for jinxing everything!!! Are you okay though? Seem a little quiet tonight. So does Michael.

We’ve become one dimensional because we have coaches that refuse to develop Sanders and try to get away with running the same chitty five plays over and over again.

Oh, and the OL sucks too!! Then again we just renewed a $20 million contract with the HC that’s going to keep it that way.

Something like……”We just couldn’t execute and get it done” or “we can’t do those things on the road and beat a really good team”.

I’m sure there will be no mention of “I need to do a better job” or “I think we need to come up with more additional schemes to exploit the weaknesses of the opposing defense”.

I guess after six wins and attaining bowl eligibility with a new contract you get to just sit back and relax the rest of the season.

Joey oh I knew you would be on here beating your gums after a loss. After Texas you had little to say. You can’t wait for us to lose so you can down Gundy. Blame a kicker that can’t make a field goal. There were terrible spots all day long. Sanders was pretty good when he had time. There’s lots of football to be played. And there will be more upsets. I still like our chances

Looks to me like Iowa State and Baylor still want to play for a Big 12 title. Gundy gets his contract extension, and immediately decides he can relax the rest of the season since bowl eligibility is attained. We all knew it would happen. You and Roberto were just too stupid to realize it.

I don’t think your goons get through unscathed, best I remember we beat Baylor and I St will lose again idiot. You don’t know football anymore than some crackhead. Who’s carried us through the last 4-5 games :roll_eyes: that’s why you give him the ball. He was in line da 100 yd game at half idiot. What does a contract have to do with us losing???

The defense has carried us all season.

You pay coaches who play to win. You don’t pay coaches that play not to lose. Come back and talk to me when Gundy finally accomplishes something major for the first time in 10 phucking years!!

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He hasn’t accomplished what your goons have sure. Top ten in wins the last ten years. I didn’t see anyone say to the players to give up ? Did you

He doesn’t have to tell them to give up. They’ll know when he gets super conservative that he’s giving up. So how many major bowl games have we played in? How many major bowls games have we won? How many conference titles have we played for since they brought back the CCG?

Iowa State has at least won a major bowl game since Gundy last did anything major. Like I said…come back to me when you can name something worthwhile.

We have played in 3 major bowls if I’m right. We have played your goons for the championship before the CCG. What does I St. have to brag about? Second place ? You know what I told you about 2nd places. We still have everything in front of us but you can’t see that. You know why ? Because you’re a spoiled ess brat that’s had everything give to you, when you wanted it or cryed just like you do here everyday. :joy::joy::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

You’re still an idiot Joey :joy::joy:

Yes. We have everything in front of us. A scared coach with a new contract. Another bedlam loss in the future. Another meaningless bowl game. Gundy watching the Big 12 title game from his living room couch. Let the journey to 4th place begin!!!

Yeah…. just had everything given to me in life. I guess I never had to earn my stripes in the military. Guess I never had to earn my degree. Guess I never had to earn my supervisory position. Yep…don’t know what it’s like to earn anything!!!