Instacap: Oklahoma State Survives a Wild Game against Tulsa, 28-23

@joe15 would you start Shane from this point on?

How much money did you win from your bets?

How many drops did our Wrs have today? I can recall at least 2 but were there more?

A lot

Don’t know, but I wonder if it’s going to matter since the OL looks like Kansas.

They’re still gonna beat Boise either way

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Ha!!! Okay. Willing to put you’re money where your mouth is?

Bray needs to build his upper body and arms. He had one stripped.

R we still bad at gundy?

Campbell just went o for 5

Campbell and purdy sh1t the bed today no doubt. They still have a much brighter looking season ahead than us though.

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Is Gundy bad? Of course man!!! He’s been bad for a few years now.

Campbell didn’t play Tulsa or Mizzou State. He played a Top 10 team.

Purdy got bench that’s pretty big.

That’s what you do when a QB isn’t performing like he should. Gundy should take notes.

I didn’t know northern Iowa was top 10 in any poll

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Under 50% and 3 pics. I’m sure gundy would have figured it out.

So playoff is georgia, Oregon, Iowa, and Alabama?

I just hope Iowa, OU, and Ohio State aren’t in it

Why iowa?