Mike Gundy a Possible Candidate at Auburn, per Report

Paul’s problem is, just like Gundy, he’s content with winning 6 or 7 games and just making it to a bowl. All the coaches getting fired right now are at colleges that have higher expectations than OSU.


What goes not realize, just because a blue blood hires a guy doesn’t make him a good coach. They expect more because they are a blue blood.
Ku has hired two ex blue blood coaches, see how they have done.
Texas has hired two up and coming mid major not working for them.
Nebraska fired a 9 and 3 coach n I think since has 1 10 win season.
I can go on and on just in r conf.
Name me 5 ex blue blood coach thats done what u guys want. After being fired and gone to a non blue blood school. That is ur next assignment if u chose to except.

Do you believe Gus Malzahn has been more successful than Gundy the last 8 years? Was Les Miles more successful than Gundy while at LSU?

I know u guy know there r coaching trees, that doesn’t mean coaches grow on them🤫

Did u not read my post

Did/can you read what I wrote?

What amazes me the most about u naysayers is the audacity there is this fairy godmother out there waiting after a hundred yrs to bring u this coach

I know miles went 0 and 9 and he is o and 2 against gundy

So this fairy godmother brings us a coach that can’t do better than 3rd or 4th in the conference. No better-no worse.

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U want me to compare apples and oranges. I want to tell about 5 coach have what u want. Which fits exactly this scenario.

Hell just tell 1 fired blue blood coach that went to a non blue blood school and won say 2 conference championship in 10 yrs.
Keep it to football. Eddie wont work.:star_struck::kissing_heart::innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cowboy_hat_face:

Ar u a good wannabe jones. U want want want.:upside_down_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face::cowboy_hat_face:

I would say those kind of coaches are as common as coaches that after 16 years start being able to recruit and win conference championships.

Not happening but Malzahn & Gundy swapping jobs actually would be intriguing. — Yes, please!

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Shhhhh, let’s not discount the possibility that Gumby could do miracles in southern Bama w/ Auburn’s recruiting zone…so we can get him out of Stilly! :sob: :crazy_face: :rofl:

Good! :sob: :joy: :sob: <----- edit: Oh, you’re talking about Robert on these boards, I thought you were referring to #1 Gumby cheerleader/sideline reporter who talks way too much politics on these innernets instead of focusing on sports.

You do know a lot of the players want him gone and it’s just not the naysayers. When you’ve lost your players you’ve lost the team.

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If I was a skill player not named Tylan I would be glad if he left.

I can name one rite now. Leach is working on 20 yrs no conf. Champ and only two 10 wins seasons.
So if there that common give me a name.
Jeff if it was common knowledge that I would know about these players u speak of.
Name one coach that is loved by all his players.
Every school have tranfer portal.
One thing we not have r guys leave as grad. Transfer.
Try another line of bs.
I will say at some point in Gundy’s yrs. Fans from everyw big 12 school have want Gundy. Yes I’m sure in 2011 there were plenty of ou fans I know at least one.

Just because u have a hard on for Presley. U do know Presley cant play all the spots. I like Presley but u go over the top. Any I respond to the topics I’m asked about. I would love for u guys stop crying about Gundy and talk about how great are cowboys r.