Mike Gundy Tired of Talking Bedlam, Calls Out OU for Gaslighting the Situation

What? You like a apple in your mouth when you play Ned Beatty?

Now your just let you imagination with obsession with ned betty take over.

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Ou has beaten our butts 80 times we have won 20 and tied 7 ? Since 1914 . Maybe our new bedlam should be with SWOSU Bulldogs ?


I would love to meet OU in the playoff. That would be a lot of fun to watch for the fans. I’m not sure how much people outside of Oklahoma care about Bedlam matchups but playoff Bedlam sounds way better than non-con Bedlam.


Apple’s are too expensive to waste on a inbreed hillbilly !! I’m thinking more along the line of a horse apple for jug :cowboy_hat_face:

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Mel Tucker didn’t go 4-7 in his first season at Michigan State. Surely you can do better than that.

We have to be able to get to the playoff first.

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I swear i tell my self you cant say anything more stupid, but you always prove me wrong.

Mel tucker went 5 and 7 at Colorado.

He did a mass 2 wins his first year at msu while following your pal mark.

He coached 3 years with 2 losing season.

Your trying to tell me he is worth 9.5mill.

Unreally even for you joy

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True, but I think it is inevitable. I’ll just leave this here:
Here is the list of FBS teams that have at least ten consecutive seasons with a winning record:

  1. Boise State: 24 Seasons (starting 1998)

  2. Oklahoma: 23 seasons (starting 1999)

  3. Wisconsin: 20 seasons (starting 2002)

  4. Oklahoma State: 16 seasons (starting 2006)

  5. Alabama: 14 seasons (starting 2008)

  6. Clemson: 11 seasons (starting 2011)


I agree with RMT buy out one of those Cupcake games Gundy like to warm up with and play Bedlam! Strength of schedule is always an issue because of the non conference schedule so strengthening it will be a plus. Seems to me if your confident in your team you will play anybody anywhere. Be a man Gundy and challenge yourself and your team!

Ive never seen Alabama play to bb in noncon games. Thats what will happen. Not many teams even play to power 5 teams in non con. Sec play 9 power five teams each year. But, wrte better then them so we should play 11. Ive heard people get drink early just nevrr seen it.

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@reuben If you haven’t figured it out yet Gundy plays who he is told to play. He is not making up the schedule. I really am at a loss why you all can’t understand that. Unless it is convenient to forget that fact. Surely that isn’t the case

No one does that, so I guess no one is confident in their team.

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Was Gundy paid 9.5 million his first year and kicked off half the team to clean it up joy. That’s a stupid asx post. Two losing seasons already :roll_eyes:

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5 wins is more than 4.

Did Mike Gundy go 11-2 in his first year. When you go 4-7 don’t expect a big payout. Did you really just ask this stupid question?

He’s still overpaid according to your stupid posts you idiot.!! You contradict yourself in about every post. Stay one place joy

My goodness he didn’t even make a bowl with 5 wins according to you joy. Every team worth a dam should make a bowl :roll_eyes:

This is what i love. Tell me us it ok for msu to pay 9.5 mill?
He diesnt meet any of your points.
I love how you stick up for mel tucker. I think 2 wins is less then 4.

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That might be so, but he got paid because he went 11-2 instead of 4-7. You might as well just go ahead and eat it.