Mike Gundy's Season a Masterclass in Playing to Your Strengths

U counting fg not on the offense is childish… if Martin did bounce that perfect throw off is helmet, we would have scored 32 points. So dnt act like this offense has not improved or are really close to doing better. That was just one play.
I’ve been on Sanders but he did a good game besides a couple of bad passes.

" But these current Pokes seem more like Clint Eastwood’s William Munny in Unforgiven . They don’t even pick up a weapon until the end, and only when it’s absolutely necessary to get out alive."
GREAT line…and great comparison!

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We averaged 36 ppg with Chelf under center. He wasn’t an all-conference guy. So what’s the problem now?

Like I said….Chelf wasn’t an all-conference guy. We averaged 36 ppg in 2013. So what’s the problem now?

Gundy has planned this for years. He has seen u crying. He thought he would give u something to cry about, since he is winning

Like I said….if we can average over 35 ppg with a QB that wasn’t all-conference and our best receiver going undrafted, then why can’t we average that now?

Ur an idiot

That’s not a viable answer Robert. Just answer the question with a solid answer.

I’ve answered u. U ask only one question. I’ve gave u serious answer. I’ve given u sarcasm. U still keep asking. What do they call it when some repeat a process looking for a different out come. So I answer this time rite again

He’s not as good as chelf? I mean it’s pretty simple

And our pass protection has been terrible. Not a good combination for a quarterback who already plays like a deer in headlights

We still have two potential draft picks on offense. We had none from the 2013 team from offense. Is it all Sander’s fault? Or is it a combination of chitty offense schemes and game planning as well?

Who’s our potential picks offense? And if your so concerned with scheme maybe you and others shouldn’t have been bitchinggg about yurcich.

Martin and Warren.

Eh if you say so

Did I conplain about Yurcich? I didn’t think he was the best, but at least it looked like he tried and would have good offensive schemes every once in a while.

Everybody on this blog constantly complained about him.

Okay…but did I? I would take him right now over what we currently have.

Well that’s easy for you to say now. Lol

U dnt have centers have false strats. Ur offense should not be get personal flags.
I do not know how many times presley has slipped during his route.
If Martin wants to play in the nfl he needs to make the Wille may catch. Great throw uncontested. Sanders threw a few bad passes, but not that many.