OSU Football: What Eight Wins Means in 2020

Ur rite they moved up 6 yrs ago

Sorry Robert is right I think they are NAIA. My point is your comparing teams that couldn’t even make the jump to D-1 sports in 1945 to teams today. If you want to compare the Big 12 to other present power 5 conferences I’d be more than happy to have that conversation. But the notion that the teams OSU played in the 30’s and 40’s is comparable to teams now days isn’t even a conversation.

I shouldn’t have second guessed myself. I talked to them about playing baseball a few years back but couldn’t remember.

U really want to be a know it all. There is no creature that is a good 3 and 9 team. That’s a sarcastic joke

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Over the last decade Kansas has been the worst power 5 team. Not even close.

U were rite they moved up 6 yrs ago

You’re the one who said 100 year history.

Ok here’s a nugget for you. The 9 Highest win percentage years in OSU history without Gundy average out to less than what OU’s win percentage is over the last 9 years.

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Here’s a little tidbit for you. 5 coaches in the conference have a better winning percentage against OU than Gundy.

Here’s a tidbit for u u repeat ur self. When u repeat it click ur shoes together. It mite take u and totoro to a better place

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What are those coaches overall win percentage?

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Overall winning percentage probably not as high but 3 have played in conference championship.
I guess it’s all about priorities.

Gundy’s trying to make another Toilet Bowl win, sound more important and exciting than it really is.
This team winning only 8 games, is a disgrace. And Gundy is a major reason.
How many times must we see pre season projections dwindle from a certain Big12 Championship, while beating the Sooners, to us finally and barely being ranked?

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In order to win a championship you first have to play in the championship game. All I wish he would do is just MAKE IT there. He’s 1-3 as a favorite against OU. He’s 3-6 against Baylor since 2011. He’s 1-3 against TCU since 2017. He’s lost his last two meetings against Texas.

I don’t want him gone because he can’t win a championship. I want him gone because he can’t even make it to the championship game. On a side note, I don’t know how this bowl win can be more satisfying than beating Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl and capping off one of the best season’s in school history. That’s Gundy for you though. Meaningless bowls have more importance to him that meaningful ones, and he coaches like it too.

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Pat Jobes went 0-10 against OU.

2013- Projected to win the conference and finished 3rd.

2017- Projected to get 2nd and play in the CCG and finished 3rd.

2020- Projected to get 2nd and play in the CCG and finished 4th.

2-14 overall bedlam record and 1-3 as a favorite in bedlam.

All I know is most programs wanting to take it a step higher won’t put up with these kind of results. If your goal is to make it to the Big 12 championship and win it then one would think that coaching to make it to the Cheez-It bowl is not what we need.


Yes Sir! It matters not how many wins a coach/program has, when they don’t include championships.
We aren’t a championship program. We’re simply nothing more than a worthy opponent.

He had a tie Johnson list all his too

Mediocre Mike sucks! Send Gundy on high horse way. The problem is, he can’t coach anywhere else and make the money he’s making with the low expectation like OSU.
He’s like a tick on a dog.

Well you and @joe15, @ar1 all go by recruiting rankings We shouldn’t have been in the game since the ‘Canes have been in the top 20 rankings the last 3 years :flushed: who did they play other than Clemson ? You guys are hilarious…you switch narratives every other post. You all talk about beating the goons, it’s hard to beat 70 years of cheating and 100 dollar hand shakes. There is a reason they are the most penalized program since the NCAA… and it still goes on

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