PFB+ NCAA25 Thread

::runs triple option on everyone::


Can’t wait. I’m 43 and have never taken a day off from work for just a video game but I may for this game.


NCAA is the only game I have ever taken days off from work for. Its been a few years, but looking forward to doing so again.


I am going to take off a Friday then binge.


I work from home 3 days a week. I might be in year 2045 by July 2nd.


Release date announced yet?

Official trailer comes out in May, game comes out in the summer. Back in the day it always came out in July, so maybe then.


If this thread and the overall hype are true indicators, this could be the best selling game of all time.


Soooo we starting an online dynasty?


I’m in.

Sample bias. It’ll be huge amongst the college football fans but most gamers won’t care.


I’m pumped by all the rumors, but I don’t expect the game modes to be super glamorous. Someone made the point that if they come out guns blazing with the first one, they’ll have little to add going forward. They could literally release this thing with play now mode only and make a killing. No need to show all of their cards yet.

It’s most likely going to have the stupid team builder mode that’s popular in Madden that relies heavily on micro transactions.

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I’m thinking so too. They could potentially even add some sort of VC type of thing that it used for NIL fund where you can earn a little bit yourself while playing but have to purchase packages to get more NIL for players. I could see that too.

Ultimate Team was confirmed already. It’ll be legends from teams

Yeah it’s very niche but I’m all in.

NCAA football only made the top 10 in sales 4 times when it was coming out. Averaging around 1.5-2 mil copies. Madden almost yearly did better, and if the chart I’m looking at is correct, the highest selling Madden game ever (07) sold just under 8 million copies.

For comparison, Overwatch, the 10th best selling game of all time, sold 50 million+. Minecraft sold over 500 million copies. Over 60x as many copies as the highest selling Madden ever. Obviously ncaa 25 is unique because it will be completely different than the same repetitive game that was made back when it came out yearly, plus the large gap in time between games. So it’ll do much better than any of those I’m sure. But I doubt it even sniffs the top 25 of all time.


I wish 2k would get back in on football. College or NFL. 2k5 is the best NFL game ever.

I’m trying to think what team will be my first dynasty. Maybe Tulsa. Maybe Marshall. Maybe UCF so I can role play living in the same city as Disney World.

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I’m thinking OU where I intentionally lose every game, they can’t get more than a 2 star recruit, get relegated to the MAC, and boomer sooner will never be played because nothing good will ever happen.