PFB Roundtable: Reacting to OSU at Fourth in the Big 12 Preseason Poll

More people will watch the CFP game and have more respect for the team that gets white washed than the team playing in the Cheez-It bowl, and watching the coach almost allow the other team to come back and win.

Kind of like how Gundy can’t beat teams with 3 wins (See Tech).

Sure go a head like I said riley is the best loser

U got to be joking. Who ever got 5thor 6th r saying r team could have won that. So u proud when riley get white washed in front of more people. Like I said top loser.

Riley has a whole team of 5 star recurits. Tech has the recurits as us. And we still have more wins against tech in the last 2 seasons the riley has with both ksu and isu combined.
I’m always amazed how far u will take this. Now ur hang on riley hoping he has merit to help u out. Moron

Losers get 4th or lower. People who win conference titles aren’t classified as losers.

Like who?

The team who where # 5 or6 in the poll look at ou white wash and say they ca do better.

I don’t know how to make you understand that I could care less about who beats who and who loses to who.

My point is at the end of the day Mike Gundy can’t even play for a conference title any longer and he’s more excited about being average than trying to be a top conference team.

If you want some kind of national respect you have to be willing at the very minimum to play for a conference title. He couldn’t do it in 2017 (his best team since 2011) and he couldn’t do it last season. So I guess it’s cool that we beat Iowa State (a program who is historically bad), but more than two bedlam wins in sixteen tries would be a little more respectable.

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The teams at #5 or #6 in the polls didn’t play LSU in the CFP. So they’ll never know. Making their argument null and void.

When ur in the playoff with other blue bloods u r the loser. Why do u think ou can’t get #1 class.
So preseason ou #1 lol it be hard for them to get # 1 when they can’t get in the playoff.

I don’t like OU as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend they suck and are losers when they are winning conference titles and actually getting to play in the CFP while our coach has been trying to figure out how to get back to 3rd place the last three seasons.

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That is the biggest pile of chit ur trying to feed us. U r the one who tells us all the time who beat who. All the time. Look u spent the whole day defend ou and their loser coach u really think anyone respects ur opinion.

U final told the truth. U dnt like ou more then the next guy. U love them more then the next guy unless the next guy is ar0. I’m just being truthful riley has all he needs. And he loses. Like I said he has never won as the underdog. That lose to lsu was bad. What do u say to the goons back home in Norman were in the playoff but we lost by 40. When ur 4th in the nation u dnt lose by 40 to anyone. We just should have sent kansas at least when the lose by 40 there is a reason beside a bad coach.

Come to think of it has gundy ever lost a game that bad. I know miles has. But real how can u be respected after lose a game like that. U know why they want ou in the playoff, so the other three have a clear shot.

Based on the likes and reactions from this forum over the past year or so I would say they view it as more respectable than your own opinion. At least I use facts to back up my claims.

If Lincoln Riley is a loser then wtf is Mike Gundy??? I hate OU just like everyone else here but that guy is far from a loser. You are straight up delusional.

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U are delusional, just because ar0 is like u doesn’t count for much. What facts? I use facts. Riley has never won a game he was not favored which is 0%. Fact. Gundy never lost a game as bad as riley( especially being ranked). Fact. Riley is 0 and 4 against ksu and isu in last 2 years. Fact. Prediction ou will not win natty even thought they are #1. Unless Riley steps down.

U do know Riley is that bigger kid in the neighborhood all the lil kids admire. Then get to high school he is the lil kid.
He is at a blue blood and the best school in the big 12. He is young and acts like a head coach so he can recuirt a top 10 team.
But can u call if a good coach if lose by 40 as a 4th ranked team.
He has had the highest quality qb in the nation, we know how important that is.
I can go on about what ur boy has, with just as many failures.
Like ar0 says we recurit closer to ku then ou. Which means there is a lopsided difference between what u can expect from gundy and Riley.
Until he wins a game as an underdog I will easily call him a poor coach. W once again u guys think winning games equals good coach. We saw what Joey’s idol did at ku. Miles took a perfect good 3 win team thur to a non win team to make ku worse then when he showed up. U think Riley could fix kansas. If he can’t win as underdog be tuff.

And a 41-13 loss to an OU team that didn’t make the CFP this past season isn’t considered a bad loss?