Picks, Predictions For OSU-Iowa State in Week 8

If the team is 6 and 0 and ur crying it is called hating moron

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It’s not the fact that they stay on the field. It’s the fact that we have to settle for field goals over touchdowns.

It’s the fact we run between the tackle and guard 35 times a game (Like the opposing DC won’t figure it out!!!) with eventual punts.

It’s the fact that if we ever get in a big enough hole with minimal time left we won’t be able to move the ball fast enough.

It’s the fact that we waste offensive drives because our OC is in way over his head, and has trouble adjusting in the 2nd half (mostly).

It’s the fact that we have a QB that’s turnover prone, and you have to hold you’re breath every time you watch him drop back for a pass or take off running.

U still never said if u got ur liberty bowl tickets

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I’m tired of going to the Liberty bowl. I would like to maybe go to the Cotton Bowl or Sugar bowl at least.

Thats the true Joey crying like a baby

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Not this year we got r 6 wins

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That’s the true Robert not being able to come up with a good enough excuse for why the offense sucks. If you call it out he just avoids answering or ignores it cause he knows it’s a problem and true.

Asking for TDs instead of field goals when in the red zone should not be asking too much from a LEGIT top ten team, LOL.
If we do beat ISU then I think we end up with a loss to TCU and OU. That would be a pretty good season, especially considering the key players who are out with injuries. One of Gundy’s best magic tricks so far.


Since I do not rely on excuses ur rite. We know ur best at give excuses for the other teams.
What is there to answer no one answer a crying lil botch

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If we lose to TCU again we should decline whatever bowl invite we get. If we can’t move the ball against TCU’s 116th ranked defense then we deserve to lose. Then again we did have trouble moving against the 107th ranked defense.

I didn’t give any excuses. All I give are facts. The facts are that our offense sucks.

With what Tai said we would be in the title game and the sugar. So do we trun those down idiot

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I’m sure ur facts are like ur wife’s good times only in ur mind

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How do you figure that?

I have never seen u not give excuses for loser u like

The only people I think are losers are the ones that can’t spell.

R u that stupid. With 2 loses we beat everybody that counts 10 and 2

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Okay……so what if Baylor continues to win out?

Thats funny ur always trying to prove urslef to me. Pathetic joey

So Baylor is beating ur ou team

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