Recap: Oklahoma State Falls in Bedlam 28-13, Despite Shutting Out OU over the Final Three Quarters

Not trying to answer for @DickeySucksAtHisJob whom I don’t agree with much and I’m not on the “fire the coaches wagon” but the answer to your question is no one. However the bar set by the previous coaches was pretty low LOL.

I agree on here at OSU. I’m saying find me a coach at any school that’s similar to OSU, that’s done as good a job? Not just in OSU history……I’m talking at any school in the country

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I had to lol at seeing someone type a response to someone with the name sucksballs​:man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:

Sorry my wording stinks. What I really mean is make the natty playoff’s 2 of the 5 years. With 12 teams that isn’t such a high bar.

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This discussion happens quite often on here. People get mad after a loss and they want to fire Gundy. Someone asks who you hiring and it’s usually crickets or if they do mention someone it’s somebody absurd that’s never coming here or it’s someone like Matt Campbell who had a little success but then falls flat on his face. Chris Petersen has been mentioned before and that’s interesting, but when he coached at a power 5 school he didn’t prove he would be an upgrade.

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That’s sounding more realistic.


I agree that’s not as lofty.

You seem to be a good one right here.

I’m an OU guy, so I’ll get that out upfront. I personally can’t stand Gundy. But that goes back to some baseball stuff with his brother in law…….& how much Gundy loves to be the center of attention.

But the dude has been ■■■■ good. One could argue who’s more responsible between Gundy’s coaching or Boones money. I think they needed each other. But I don’t think people realize how hard it is to get to “the next level”. I’m an OU fan and we’ve not gotten back to it in 22 years. It’s hard. I think if OSU replaces Gundy with some hot, young coordinator……he could have success at OSU. But then what does he do? He leaves. Do you think it’s more likely that OSU gets a new HC, wins a National Title & the guy stays? Or that they hire a new HC, he wins the Conf, makes the playoff, gets beat by 50 & then takes another job that’s better? OSU isn’t a destination for anyone…….except a Mike Gundy type.

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“This discussion happens quite often on here. People get mad after a loss and they want to fire ______”

Congratulations @patrick2 ……this is a sign that your program has officially become BIGTIME. Welcome to the world of dumbassery that comes with winning. I should show you some of the threads on my texts with my OU buddies. After Nebraska……it was Nat Title talk. After the Cotton Bowl beatdown it was “fire Venables”. Now, we’re winning the Nat Title next year.

Man that’s interesting, I get Beamer with VT, they suck (oh and they’re out recruiting Gundy right now) but Snyder with K-State isn’t a great example considering their new coach is 2-1 against OU & they’re about to play for a conference title… oh a conference they won in 2003 & 2012…… oh and they’re out recruiting us right now as well!!

Kinda putting your foot in your mouth. You said Snyder was equivalent to Gundy in the sense that he built K-State up & without him they’re nothing…. Yet they drubbed our asses 48-0 & are about to go play for a conference title with the new guy. Hmmmmmmm

You’re a real thinker!!

Dickey sucks balls. He has been terrible since day 1 which sucks because I thought he was a good hire.

Dude…….you really need help in comprehension. I don’t think you’re understanding the question.

Are you saying you think Kliemann has done a better job than Bill F’ing Snyder?!?!

And no, I did not say Snyder was = to Gundy. Bill Snyder is a HOF coach. He took KState from NOTHING. Literally they were choosing to play road games at times in order to get a bigger gate. You need a history lesson, young fella

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Well every one has their warts. Gundy enjoying holding court in front of a crowd would qualify for a lot of people.

Any of this is possible. As I have said before changing coaches for any reason is a crap shoot. Also don’t know what our AD did at TTU but he has no history of that type of decision making in his current role so that is some risk as well. Edit: I realized I am wrong to some extent here, CW has hired a coach I believe, women’s BB perhaps?? But still not a lot of history on him yet.

You’re a clown. I’m actually laughing. When at what point did I say Klein is better than Snyder? Sweet Jesus. You’re just a clown lmao

“At this point with where OSU is as a program, there are a lot of coaches out there that would like to come in a coach here.”

Name 1 that has OSU ties, that would be better, & be willing to stay for 20yrs? Give me your list

And FYI, Chris Klein is the actor from American Pie. Klieman is the current HC @KState. I don’t blame you for missing that one. Hell you’ve had Gundy making top 10 money & now the lacrosse player from American Pie is coaching in Manhattan

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1st, Gundy isn’t winning titles.
2nd, Dave Aranda won in less than 3 years.
3rd, we were having winning seasons and going to bowls before Gundy. What has he got us be on that?

Which is better zero conference titles in the last 10 years but making a bowl each year with the same coach. Or winning the conference 3 times in the last 10 years with 3 or 4 coaches but have 2 years you didn’t make a bowl?

1: Gundy won a Conf Title. Go find when that was done at Oklahoma St prior to Gundy.

2: Yes he did. He won 2 games in his first year & is currently 6-5, with a likely 6-6 finish in a season in which he was favored to play for the Conf title. He also will likely leave Baylor for a better gig much sooner than later.

3: Les was 7-5 in his last year. He never finished better than 3rd IN HIS DIVISION. He lost at least 3 Conf games every year he was at OSU & NEVER finished in the top 25. You don’t think Gundy has done better than that?

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Obviously winning multiple Conf titles with multiple coaches is the best of those 2 options. If you think OSU is all of a sudden a good enough program to reel in sure-fire winning coaches every hire……make the move. Again, you people better look around and realize it ain’t that easy. I’ll completely concede the fact that it’s possible to hire someone that comes in and does a better job. History at OSU & other similar programs has shown that it’s possible…….but not likely. Go tell me how many playoff appearances TCU, Baylor, Tech, Kansas, KState, Iowa St & Texas have combined for? None. Go look at how many different BRILLIANT hiring & firings they’ve made. You people better be willing to understand that the odds are you take a step backwards rather than forwards.