Spencer Sanders Explains Decision to Commit to Ole Miss, Leave OSU

No feathers were ruffled. I didn’t argue that NIL money didn’t happen at certain schools & gave you instances in which it actually did. It was your continued phrasing & characterization of OU under Venables talking money with recruits. You then backpedaled and claimed to not be talking about money…….yet continually had specifically mentioned money.

Your buddy is a clown. When the site babysitter comes out from behind the paywall to reference him…….it’s bad. I’ve never seen a guy that is more ignorant & less informed than that dude. He’s strictly here to be a fool


@michael13 I don’t like NIL, but I don’t think it’s ruined college sports. I say again……the portal is worse. Guys should be receiving some type of compensation………but Spencer Sanders, JPR, Ford, and so on would not be leaving town if they had to sit out a year. You could offer all the money you want & these guys aren’t going to leave if they have to sit out a year. That’s plain and simple

Lol tomato slice is lost 90 % of the time. He never knows when people our playing him with sarcasm. He repeats what others say to him then acts like he was the first. Goes like a dog with a bone on articles.

Then he makes a big deal that boone correct me about his employment of full time not not part time. And said he was the site manager do this. That was boone coming on here as a person wanting to point out he was fully employed. Straight ego issue not anything to do with misuse of the site.

You guys never do. It’s always someone else’s fault. You both do anything and everything to save face. Even if scientists tried telling you the earth was round you would do everything possible to convince them it’s flat. You claim clear evidence is needed to prove you’re wrong. Evidence has been presented to you multiple times and you discount it as opinion (even when it’s a solid and credible source). So don’t give us this crap that you’ll admit you’re wrong in anything. We’re not that stupid or naive. The only thing I’ve seen you say on here so far that’s halfway intelligent is Dickey probably still shouldn’t be here.

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This is exactly what I’m talking about when I mention trying to save face. The only person here that seems to be extremely egotistical is you. No wonder you love Gundy’s balls so much.

The more and more you ask about boone i start to ask.

I do see he has been added on basketball. Bill you know so much about boone, i will ask you. Is kyle a full time writer for cbs. Does he get a salary, insurance. Or, is he a contracted freelance. Your tge expert you can tell us.
And really why does it matter if boone is full time. Doesnt change anything ive every said. Your an idiot.

Your going around telling everyone the new co dc will make 1.5 mil.

You cant understand what pro day can do to the draft.

You need to stick to what you know like your daddy jug. Just talk about titles.

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Ford was pissed at the drs and Gundy for not paying enough attention to him. The drs supposedly misdiagnosed his knee this year. I don’t know his problem with Gundy … Our 24/7 board bragged about a good amount of money he offered Ford to stay. It is what it is My bad on the nil , the portal is my issue too

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Okay you’ve seen the reviews of the new DC of writers and coaches singing his praises haven’t you ? But you still want to lambast him before he ever has a snap. Step back from the ledge joy, your Gundy hatred is showing

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Its funny guys like “bill” talk about coach we have that our at bb programs.

Matt at isu just got a coach from niai. Tech has a high school coach as a hc. Colts got a hs hc

But let them cry about this lol

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For me it doesn’t matter what coaches say about him. People said Gene Chizik was a good coach too before he got canned from Auburn. I typically look at the results. To be fair I’ll wait and see what he does. I actually didn’t say anything bad about the guy at all. All I said was I think a G5 DC would’ve been the route to go (or possibly Joe Bob Clements). This again is just another case you putting words into my mouth I’ve never said. Don’t let your assumptions cloud your thinking.

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I never said that at all. There is a reason I’ve stopped replying to you for the most part, and it’s not exactly because you’re intelligent in any way shape or form.

Are we supposed to be on the same level as Iowa State and Texas Tech? Aren’t we supposed to be a top 25 program?

When did you stop thats a lie too. I was done, and you just post about boone. Reason your slowed down was i made fun of you about you cant stop.

What is that lie. You post 1.5 mill. You may just be reposting, but no different. You know i know every one knows this guy is not getting 1.5 mill. But if you can stir the pot

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Yeah I’m not getting into why these guys left. There are a litany of reasons for guys to transfer, NIL certainly being one of em. But these guys wouldn’t be leaving if they had to sit a year. That’s why I’ve always said & will continue to say that the portal is far worse than NIL$$. I don’t like NIL & despise what it can do to a lockerroom.

Gundy is the program. Just like every coach before and after at any school. So by the constant bashing of gundy what do you think you were doing. This takes the cake. Your trying to back take the chit you have said.

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If you don’t know how to comprehend a post or read it without taking it out of context just to meet your own side of the argument then I don’t know what to tell you dude. I’m not going to spend my entire time on this forum teaching you fourth grade level requirements. So let’s get this straight one last time. The only reference I made to 1.5 mil is we can pay a DC that amount of money and we go get a D2 guy? So let’s upgrade then, and get at least an OL coach that can develop a line to push forward a yard. That’s all I said. Read the entire post before making a stupid comment please.

You really are a weasel. The intent of your post was to say we paying the new guy 1.5 mill. If you didnt think we weren’t then why say it. We were paying mason 1.1 million. I know you would pay for stuff more for a new product. But, the school is not. Just you making hating osu your job

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No, that wasn’t it at all. I said “We can pay a DC 1.5 mil a year and we decided to get a coach from D2?”. Never anywhere in there did I ever imply the new coach was going to make 1.5 mil a year. You’re right as far as 1.1 million goes. That was his annual salary on a two year deal. The fact still remains that if we can pay a DC 1 mil a year or more what are we doing going for a D2 guy? You just love to argue and you love Gundy more than OSU football.

Geez!!! First it’s Boone telling you to get your facts straight and now he had to shutdown a thread because of your trolling and stupidity. I guess trying to tell you nicely that you’re an idiot twice isn’t enough :man_shrugging:.

So where did the 1.5 million come from joy ? You seemed to state the new DC was getting that amount. If not why mention it. That’s your fantasy of us paying Texas salaries You have been an idiot for 3 years arguing over trivial chit
Maybe you didn’t read the excerpts from different coaches saying he was a good hire ? As usual you skip over items that don’t fit your narrative
They shut down the thread because of some other idiot that was posting idiotic posts. You contribute to them

I got his contract with OSU mixed up with what Auburn was going to offer him. The fact is I still never said or implied that Nardo was going to make that kind of money starting out. My only point was why we’re going after a D2 coach if we could afford a better option? If for some reason we can’t afford a decent G5 DC then I suppose we’re in some big trouble. I have to give you credit though. At least you apologized to Kyle Boone for your nonsense remarks a couple of days ago instead of getting suspended like your buddy Robert.