The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Pre-West Virginia News Conference

Never said great coach you moron, he’s just better than 90 % of the others in the league. So you had rather win the conference and then go 4-8 the next 3 years. ? Yea you are a real brainiac

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No matter what you come up with, you can’t change Gundy’s record. Campbell and Aranda already have better records against OU.

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Percentage wise yea, but where are they this year ? Is that all you can hang your hat on ? If we don’t have all the injuries this year it would have been different, you just don’t want to comprehend it

All the injuries bull crap. It was injuries that kept us from winning the conference championship game. It’s been injuries for years. It will be injuries next year and the next.

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Jug you show your ignorance every post. You think this is the same team that played to 6-1 ? If you do you need serious help. You should seek help and fast Only position that seriously needs help is the OL… but you aren’t smart enough to understand that

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Listen to the last podcast about the last 5 games every year. You’re the one who don’t get it.

It’s “pissing down my back and tell me it’s raining” but okay.

I also never said we didn’t have limitations. I just asked what’s being done about them. Because we haven’t heard anything from anyone connected with OSU on how to expand this limitations.

I’ll toot my horn on it when it’s been a consistent issue for almost a decade. That’s the problem. Most people have been denying the truth and status of the OL until this season. Some of us have been voicing concerns about it for a long time.

What do you think they’ll look like next season if Sanders is gone? Look at how ineffective our offense is when just Sanders is out with a lineman and wide receiver. Kansas and OU have the worst defenses in the league besides us and we scored a total of 23 points in those games.

Gundy already admitted he hates brining in portal guys. I have a bad feeling Oliver is going to be hitting the portal due to him not being on the field enough. We don’t care about the portal much, but seem to not put up a fight to prevent some of our players from hitting the portal. Dickey might go after some higher rated lineman, but he almost never gets them even after they commit, and we haven’t been able to run the ball for at least 5 yards per carry every since 2019. I don’t know how you already haven’t considered it. What else do they have to fuuck up on offensively before you start to change your view on it?

What have we won since 2011 besides one NY6 bowl? Even Texas has won an NY6 bowl and people love to talk about how much their program sucks.

Texas is usually in the top 5 in recruiting too , so how would you like being in their position with all that talent and not making a bowl last year ? They have arguably more money than anyone, ATM , had the number one class last year. Last I looked they are 4-4 …

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You haven’t seen me deny the OL is the weakest link. Either hit the portal, or hire a dynamic recruiter in place of Dickey , he’s had enough time to establish himself. Gundy has to talk him out of retirement. A good OL will make the offense run better everywhere

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They have to play like they did Saturday several times next season for me to think Dunn should be on the hot seat. If they throw in a clunker or two next year that’s not enough for me. Maybe I’m giving too much credit for him being a good human and leader of young men. The guy has literally pulled people from burning vehicles during his time here. I think he deserves to work through some of these end of season struggles.


This was in 2021 with the best defense Gundy ever had:

Missouri State (A 1AA team, 23 points, 3 points total in the second half)

Tulsa (21 total points scored by the offense against a G5 team)

Boise State (21 points against a G5 team, and think if Warren had never hit the field?)

K State (31 points which isn’t bad, but not a single second half point).

Baylor (A scoreless third quarter and a touchdown needed on 4th down to seal the game)

Texas (24 total points scored by the offense against team that went 5-7)

Iowa State (7 points scored in the second half. Offense failed to convert twice with 5 minutes remaining in the game.)

Kansas (55 points scored. Kansas went 2-10.)

WV (24 points scored. WV finished 6-7)

TCU (63 points. TCU went 5-7)

Texas Tech (23 points scored. Texas Tech went 7-6)

OU ( 30 points scored by the offense. OU went 11-2 last season)

What else does he have to prove? His best performance was a 30 point outing against the 60th best defense in the country last season. Other than that, the guy has proven he struggles to post over 25 points against a team with a halfway competent defense.

His best offensive performance this season is against a G5 team that is 4-8 (sorry, I’m not including Arkansas PB in this scenario). The dude just doesn’t know what the fuuck he’s doing. All he consistently has proven to me is that he’s way in over his head.

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Let’s just fire’em all Bill , that will satisfy you guys. Now who are you going to hire that’s a good ( no great) that will stay longer than 3 years…if it isn’t an alum I doubt you find anyone
Last year we barely had enough receivers to fill the roster

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@michael13 Agree with you on the stupidity of the idea that firing everyone will solve the problem. Everyone does realize that any one we get as a replacement will come from a P5 conference at best right?. No “well known” coach who is either established or who is “on the way up” will even give us a glance. The only people who will take the OSU job are going to be largely unknowns I.E. a total crap shoot.

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I would have taken Rhule. Hell, give him a shot. Can’t be worse than we are now. Any changes would be great moves. Any change at all. New HC. New DC. New OC. Anything at all. Continuing this do nothing attitude while our assistants leave to play in conference championships and national championships. We suck. Always will with Gundy.

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You idiot do you know we offered Knowles 1.6 million about the max we can do. We don’t have 2 million to throw at assistance coaches See you still don’t know what goes into it all. Just flap your gums. Don’t come back with that chit, Gundy should donate part of his. Would you do it

We could have offered more if Gumby wasn’t making $7.5 per year. Most overpaid coach in the country.

Yes I would. All of the big names do it to win. Players do it all the time in the NFL. Why can’t coaches see it also.

I told you don’t bring that up and asked you if you would give up part of yours ? :joy::joy: hell no